Pharmaceutical laboratories develop in a strictly regulated environment.  According to the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), they must publish, in the public domain, any high-value transactions to health professionals or organizations.

It is in this context that a leading player in the industry launched a project to address the collection of data across the whole of Europe, and, in doing so, to meet EFPIA’s demands.


Working alongside the client, Wavestone provided expertise in three significant areas:

  • Project management and organization (PMO): segmentation by country and the preparation of the publications (the quality of the data, pre-publication, and publication);
  • Knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector and the requirements of European bodies: using a solution specialized in the transparency and publication of data in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Change management: managing the training, taking part in, and supervising, functional testing.

Responses and Key Success Factors

The global coordination of a project involving 30 countries allowed our client to meet all regulatory requirements within the allotted timeframes. The selection of the specialist solution tool, configured to a very high level of functionality, and the creation of a user helpdesk, were jointly put in place, working with internal teams.  This helped to ensure compliance while also managing the change process in the best possible way.