The ambition of La Redoute is to build up a modern and efficient logistics system able to ensure a very high service level in line with the new expectations of internet consumers (next day delivery, same day delivery, very late cut-offs…).

Since 2013, Wavestone assists La Redoute in defining its strategy of service and logistics, and on the design of its new distribution centre located in the municipality of Wattrelos (59) and which will open mid-2016.

Patrice FIZNER

Patrice FIZNER

Director of Operations at La Redoute

Since the beginning of this project, starting from the benchmark of our current logistics system, Wavestone supported us at each step. For today and for tomorrow, we will continue with Wavestone which will bring us project ownership assistance for all the topics that are related with the automation of our new order preparation centre. This partnership established several years ago allows us to be confident on that specific matter of the project.

La Redoute - Canapé

Solution and results

Working closely with the management of La Redoute, Wavestone brings its deep knowledge of the supply chain of ecommerce, its ability to propose logistics organizations both flexible and robust, and its strong expertise in the design of complex mechanized solutions.

The required performance is among the highest in Europe with a capacity to prepare 12,000 customers orders per hour with a range of 300,000 SKUs (item reference) available at the time.

The selected logistics solutions are based on the most advanced technologies in logistics automation (Mini-Load, Multi shuttle, pocket sorter and Goods-to-Man with ergonomic work station) in order to achieve targets of productivity and reduce the order fulfilment lead-time (under 2 hours).

We are proud and glad to assist one of the French people favourite company on a project of an innovative logistics centre in Europe which will bring efficiency and give La Redoute a competitive advantage in line with the expectations of internet customers.

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