As part of its CSR strategy, Wavestone has set itself the objective of supporting its clients towards a sustainable performance.

Our responsible consulting approach responds to this commitment. It enriches the way we carry out our missions by integrating sustainability issues into the transformations we accompany, first and foremost by alerting clients to the negative environmental and social impacts identified in projects, and then by providing concrete recommendations for generating positive impacts on these dimensions, where this makes sense.

Given its areas of intervention, the firm wishes to focus on 3 main themes, which will be developed over time:

  • Carbon emission
  • Digital accessibility
  • Data privacy

This approach is supported by a combination of accelerators:

  • The acculturation of our employees to the challenges of sustainability: through a mandatory 9-hour training course for all employees on sustainability issues: My Sustainability Learning Journey developed by Axa Climate School (micro-learning modules for understanding and acting on sustainable development issues), the Climate Fresco, as well as an E-leanring dedicated to Responsible Consulting.
  • Documentary resources enriched by our experience feedback: methods and tools to support teams in their day-to-day work on projects (examples: calculator to measure a project’s carbon footprint and identify optimization levers, eco-design best practices, etc.).
  • A network of Sustainability experts: including specialized consultants and Sustainability experts who can be mobilized to provide high added value.

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Evaluate the practices’ maturity…

In line with the CSR ambitions of a leader in the retail sector, the IS Department wants to act in order to reduce the environmental impact of its digital services. Wavestone ran an analysis on the maturity of the company’s digital practices, while putting it in perspective with what happens on the market.

…to develop a Responsible Digital roadmap

Because of the results obtained, a new 3 year-roadmap has been developed in order to pilot and to reduce the digital services carbon footprint on a long-term basis.

Good practice

Raise awareness for all stakeholders on meaningful topics to attract as much support possible and to reinforce commitment when deploying the roadmap.

The client feedback

« A very precise expertise on the topic coming from a team that remains sensitive to its client DNA. »

Establishing a new distribution network…

As a major French group operating in the Luxury sector decided to redesign its distribution network in Asia-Pacific, Wavestone helped it in studying various scenarios and the choice of its logistic target.

…by integrating a measure of its carbon impact

An assessment of CO2 emissions from the new transport scheme showed the GHG impacts of the chosen target. The aim of this measure is to reduce the environmental impact and to make it a specific area of work for the implementation. In addition, future similar projects will then incorporate a carbon impact assessment.

Good practice

At the start of the evaluation, align with the methodology used for measuring CO2 emission as well as the benchmarks used.

Facilitate the employees’ adoption of new collaborative tools…

The deployment of its collaborative tools was an opportunity for this leader in the cosmetics sector to define a skills development plan to support its employees regarding the adoption of these tools. Wavestone supported the employee experience department in the operational implementation of the development plan.

…while instilling good practices to reduce the digital carbon impact on a daily basis

A specific training course on frugal digital uses was integrated into the skills development plan in order to reconcile the increasing maturity of digital uses with the reduction of the digital carbon footprint.

Good practice

Widely promote practices that can be applied on a daily basis through concrete actions such as the appropriate use of the camera during meetings, the preference of links rather than attachments in e-mails, etc.

Meeting digital sobriety ambitions…

This major international insurance group has placed sustainable development at the heart of its strategy. Its IT activity is one of the levers of its carbon trajectory commitment. In order to align initiatives and increase their scope, the French entity has decided to set up a GreenIT plan.

…by activating tangible levers and materializing progress through measurable indicators 

Wavestone helped the IT department define its operational roadmap and structure the management of its implementation within the company. In order to define the rise in maturity of the entire organization, concrete action levers were identified and quantified in terms of implementation costs as well as in terms of the potential to reduce the greenhouse gas footprint.

Good practice

The stakes of a sober and responsible digital are not the prerogative of a DSI, all managers of the organization have an active role and must therefore play their part.

Mapping the carbon footprint of its Information Systems…

Wavestone conducted an inventory of all the IT assets of a major business school and then assessed the digital GHG footprint using an emission calculation tool developed by the firm. A specific analysis was also conducted on the impact of CO2 emissions related to the exponential use of videoconferencing.

…and proposing actions to optimize SharePoint storage

Understanding SharePoint usage allowed us to propose new settings and best practices to reduce the storage volume in the short and long term and therefore the GHG footprint associated with the client’s Cloud services.

Good practice

Involve the customer’s IT teams as much as possible during the inventory phase in order to facilitate it’s updating in subsequent years.