Data, an undeniable added value for your company

The main challenge for Chief Analytics and Data Officers? Scaling the value of data exploitation and artificial intelligence (AI). Despite heavy investments, companies and organizations have not really achieved their data ambitions. AI and data exploitation have yet to become differentiation drivers for legacy companies – they are for born-digital companies.

The explosion of omnichannel customer relations and online sales, the in-depth reinvention of supply chains and their social and environmental impact, the accelerating need to know, attract and retain talent… The digital transformation of companies requires – even for the most advanced – profound changes. To exploit the full potential of AI and Data, companies are moving towards less generic use cases, serving the singularities of their industry. The success of these projects depends on the ability of business units to adopt a Data/IA-by-design logic, while benefiting from real support resources (Product Owner Data, Data-evangelist…).

We guide you to master the value chain, from strategy to implementation

We bring value at every stage of your transformation. Our teams’ skills cover all the necessary know-how for Data and AI projects 

  • Define the level of ambition (vs. business challenges and assets)  
  • Prioritize topics according to business value and complexity  
  • Build a data roadmap  
  • Define a data governance strategy  
  • Build and deploy the target organization  
  • Improve data knowledge (data mapping, choice of data catalog, etc.)  
  • Frame and monitor data quality  
  • Manage referential data (life cycle management)  
  • Define the relevant indicators for your business needs  
  • Choose a tool adapted to your needs and constraints  
  • Implement the solutions in your teams and support the learning process  
  • Identify use cases and demonstrate their value (PoV)  
  • Derive business value from algorithms  
  • Train internal data scientists on real use cases
  • Industrialize business use cases
  • Manage AI implementation projects  
  • Opportunity study & implementation of Data Platform solutions
  • Data Lab Infrastructure
  • API Built IS
  • Big Data Infrastructure 

We support you for successful digital transformations

We seamlessly mobilize our business, human, and technological skills to support your projects. Our conviction: AI and Data only make sense if they respond to field irritants and concrete use cases in line with the company’s strategy.  

  • Our multidisciplinary teams master the specificities of many sectors and functions. Our experts bring a business vision of the issues and data.  
  • Our top-notch technological expertise is involved from the framing to the industrialization of your Data transformation projects, including all the underlying issues (platforms, Cloud, architecture, security, etc.).
  • Our operational know-how is embodied in the profiles of Data Scientists, Engineers and Analysts. Our teams support you in the implementation of the recommendations made and the use cases identified, with a view to increasing the maturity of your teams. 

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Data experts


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Business experts trained in Data

A strong investment in the Data & AI ecosystem 

As an independent firm and a pure player in the consulting industry, Wavestone contributes to shaping a new use of data by large companies and organizations by keeping abreast of current events in the sector, participating in debates that question the subject, and monitoring emerging technologies.   

Technological partnerships

Without losing their independence, our teams are constantly learning the offers and services that are the benchmark. We have thus established privileged relationships with major technological players.

Academic ecosystem

We intervene within the framework of courses or events, at the invitation of engineering and business schools.


Wavestone joins datacraft, a leading community on data and AI

datacraft is a learning & coworking Club for data scientists. It allows data scientists and data engineers to share best practices and train with their peers. datacraft enables cross-fertilization and helps accelerate the implementation of data and artificial intelligence projects. The first Base opened in February 2020 in Paris, gathering pioneer member companies. datacraft is also hosting 600+ high level data science researchers and freelancers in residence. Our mission is to contribute to an efficient and responsible use of data.

By joining datacraft, Wavestone will benefit from the top-level expertise, network, and strike force of the Club’s members. Ghislain de Pierrefeu, Partner data & AI at Wavestone, explains: “Now, more than ever, we need to think collectively, to share solutions and their impacts, to think medium-term, sovereignty, frugality, and thus draw all the value from the emulation which currently dominates the market”. Isabelle Hilali, CEO and founder of datacraft, adds: “Wavestone’s presence within the Club seemed obvious to us given how compatible our DNAs are as focused, responsible and positive players in data & AI transformation.”

In addition to sharing their own experience, Wavestone’s consultants will be able to compare their convictions and enrich their skills through contact with the best data scientists in the business, while at the same time making available first-rate expertise that is closely aligned with companies’ operational issues.

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