Since October 2023, Wavestone and Microsoft have initiated an ambitious partnership around Copilot for M365. This partnership, which continues to strengthen and grow, reflects our shared commitment to placing Generative Artificial Intelligence at the heart of business strategies.

Over the past few months, we have supported around thirty clients in their experiments and initial scaling efforts. The conclusion is clear: the impact of Copilot for M365 is already considerable. This progress translates into time savings on repetitive or low-value tasks, freeing up valuable resources to focus on essential strategic activities.

The past months have also demonstrated the importance of support and cultural adaptation to make AI a daily reflex. This is how we can fully embrace the paradigm shift brought about by Copilot for M365.

We are on the brink of a revolution in our ways of working. With determination and enthusiasm, we will continue to combine our strategic, sectoral, and technological expertise with Microsoft’s, in order to transform tomorrow’s challenges into real opportunities.

First trends in pilots and roll-outs



Average NPS (promoters-detractors)



Share of users reporting daily use



Average time saved per user with Copilot



Share of users reporting being more creative and innovative



Share of users reporting improved well-being and engagement

Three "post-pilot" approaches to consider and combine

At the end of the pilot, we recommend addressing three complementary approaches:

  • Populations demonstrating “Game Changers” use cases and significant added value during the pilot.
  • Our recommendation: Deploy Copilot for M365 on a large scale to these populations to maximize benefits and impact.
  • Populations for which the added value of Copilot for M365 is presumed but not fully confirmed for various reasons (too few testers, lack of investment by testers, wrong timing for the pilot, etc.).
  • Our recommendation: Continue the pilot with further experimentation on a larger population of testers, which may require the acquisition or reallocation of licenses.
  • Populations for whom the added value of Copilot for M365 has been little or unconvincing.
  • Our recommendation: Explore a wider range of GenAI solutions (in-house ChatGPT, Copilot Studio, plugins, collaborations with startups targeting very specific use cases…) that could bring value.

Our clients are talking about it!

Sébastien Lebrun

Sébastien Lebrun

Head of Digital Workplace Engineering and Security at RATP Group

Copilot for M365 promises to improve employees’ daily lives by reducing repetitive tasks, optimizing processes, facilitating real-time collaboration, and unleashing the creative potential of teams. Within RATP Group, we are currently exploring this technology to identify relevant use cases and anticipate the impact of potential scaling in 2025, based on feedback from employees gathered through the support system designed and implemented with Wavestone.

Listen to the interview with Microsoft France and Wavestone!

Robin Doudoux, expert and manager of Copilot for Microsoft 365 at Microsoft France, interviewed Julien Floch, Senior Manager at Wavestone, about the roll-outs of Microsoft Copilot for their clients and the conclusions drawn.

Listen to the interview


Special thanks for their contribution to this white paper go to Philippe Dajean, Julie Ferrando, Yuri Höfte et Guillaume Chassard at Wavestone, and to Gilles d’Aramon, Robin Doudoux, Guillaume Pasquier, Claudine Yuste and Jean-Christophe Dupuy at Microsoft France.