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Generative Artificial Intelligence: 2024 Radar of French startups ‘GenAI’

Wavestone vous propose sa deuxième édition du radar 2024 des startups françaises de l’IA Générative.

Wavestone Global Gen AI Survey 2024

Global Technology & Data Leaders Survey​: Are you ready for Generative AI?

We talked to nearly 600 technology leaders across the world about the impacts of GenAI on all parts of their business. Discover the results!

AI Act: Keys to Understanding and Implementing the European Law on Artificial Intelligence

Does your company use or plan to use artificial intelligence? Make sure to comply with the new AI law: the AI Act.

IA Générative x Wavestone

Generative Artificial Intelligence: 2023 Radar of French “GenAI” Startups

Wavestone presents its first edition of the 2023 radar of French Generative AI startups. Make sure to read the full publication!

Make 2023 the year you put Operational Resilience at the heart of your organisation

Perhaps the most important thing companies need to do, in 2023, is to consider exactly what they would do if the worst happened…

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance: how to tackle the issue beyond EU borders?

Chadi Hantouche explains the implications of GDPR in simple terms: scope of application, priorities before May 2018, and long-term strategy.

Hong Kong launches a major cybersecurity program for its banking industry

At the end of June 2016, while SWIFT was disclosing substantial losses due to cyber-attacks, the authorities of Hong Kong were announcing new regulations for the financial institutions.

The Internet of Things: the 4 security dimensions of smart devices

The Internet of Things: the 4 security dimensions of smart devices

Like all major technological revolutions, digital transformation is spreading over many areas: home automation , physical security, mobility, healthcare…