What is a Wavestone Startup Radar?

Shake’Up, our tailor-made startup accelerator, aims to provide significant added value to our clients through our deep understanding of the startup ecosystem and emerging trends. It is within this framework that our teams have developed Wavestone Startup Radars, genuine differentiators that offer market insights through sectoral or thematic lenses.

Our Radars serve two primary purposes:

  • Decrypting the market and identifying new trends
  • Cataloging the promising startups of tomorrow

The Wavestone Startup Radars do not aim for absolute comprehensiveness. Our consultants follow a precise methodology to select the startups included in them. As an independent consulting firm, our radars have no commercial scope and primarily aim to provide a qualified overview of the market at a specific moment.

The radar takes the form of a visual representation gathering all identified players in the field under sub-categories. Given the volatility of the current economic landscape, the radars are updated annually and inherently involve constant technological monitoring. Currently, we have over 5,000 startups cataloged and around twenty active radars.


CISO Radar: 2024 – A Year of Adaptation, Collaboration, and Transformation in Cybersecurity

The CISO radar explores 2024’s key cybersecurity challenges.

UK Cybersecurity Startups Radar – 2023 Edition

Take a look at the UK’s cyber innovation ecosystem in the 2023 edition of the start up radar.

French Cybersecurity Startups Radar – 2023 Edition

New faces, major fundraisings, growth prospects… Take a look at France’s cyber innovation ecosystem in 2023.

Cybersecurity Startups Radar: 2023, year of Post-Quantum in Switzerland

Who are Switzerland’s cybersecurity startups in 2023? Discover the complete list.


Radar 2024 of startups in the second-hand luxury market

Wavestone presents the first edition of the radar focused on the startups with an expertise in the second-hand industry to accompany you with our implementation expertise and their innovative technologies in adoption of second-hand business model.


Regtech Radar 2023

Wavestone presents its 4th edition of the Regtech Radar. Regtechs are market players with the particularity of providing Financial Institutions with specific technologies aiming at answering regulatory requirements and improving compliance functioning.

Insurtechs Radar 2023

Wavestone is proud to present the 3rd edition of its Insurtechs radar! This 2023 analysis lists almost 140 Insurtechs and offers a global vision of the major trends in a market undergoing a revolution, highlighting how Insurtechs are renewing and transforming themselves to anticipate the future of insurance.

Radar 2023 of GAFA insurance services

This is our first edition of the GAFA insurance services radar, outlining the opportunities and new perspectives they can bring to the market.

Supply Chain

Green Supply Chain Radar 2023

This 2nd edition of the Green Supply Chain radar, produced in conjunction with France Supply Chain, is part of a process of transformation for companies, and aims to help them by offering a scan of the solutions available on the market that can be integrated into their Supply Chain.


Generative Artificial Intelligence: 2023 Radar of French “GenAI” Startups

Wavestone presents its first edition of the 2023 radar of French Generative AI startups. Make sure to read the full publication!

Radar of Smart Building startups in Switzerland: the main trends in 2023

Who are the Swiss Smart Building startups in 2022? Discover the complete list.

Our Wavestone Radar Methodology

The Wavestone Radars follow a tailored methodology, enabling our teams to conduct a consistent analysis of the startup market, regardless of their industry. The radars are mostly updated annually, allowing our clients to observe the evolution of the ecosystems that interest them.

The launch of a Shake’Up Radar is made in congruence with current events, and with the sectors of activity or use cases at the heart of our customers’ concerns.

To identify the most relevant startups, we rely on published articles, encounters during market events, or project calls.

The radar is made up of startups offering distinctly innovative solutions in response to current challenges and trends. Structuring and analyses are always carried out according to defined criteria, to ensure consistent quality. Please note that sourcing methods vary according to the radars. For further details, please refer to the methodology highlighted in each of our publications.

The radar combines the information gathered during the research phase. Each radar undergoes a formal review by Wavestone experts.

It is mandatory for teams in charge of designing radars to exchange with each startup before including them in the analysis. The goal is to ensure that the information about the startup (sector, sales, fundraising, etc.) is accurate. This first-hand contact is invaluable, as it also helps to detect trends identified by startups in their ecosystem.

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