Going beyond basic IT and business process services to create value

Leaders of shared services organizations continue to be challenged by their business stakeholders to go beyond providing basic IT and business process services to truly enable compelling business value. Delivering on this business imperative requires rethinking the services delivery model and often transforming the enterprise’s relationship with IT and business process services providers – whether they are internal teams or third-party organizations.

You seek to dramatically improve your performance – to be more agile and focused when responding to market changes while reducing operational and financial risks – through how you meet the business’ IT and business support services needs.

We view global services as more than a cost of doing business – they can drive competitive advantage by: Reducing cost, mitigating risk, improving agility, building long term shareholder value, etc.

We help you capture value throughout the services sourcing and optimization journey

We help you make a range of critical decisions that are required along your transformation journeys:

  • Developing the delivery model and sourcing strategy that best enables your business objectives
  • Identifying the third-party services providers to best leverage to accomplish the transformation objectives
  • Determining the appropriate technical and services solution
  • Defining contractual arrangements that provide the targeted levels agility, flexibility, and financial benefit
  • Creating an approach to transition, both with providers and your internal organization, to the targeted delivery model that drives value while managing risk
  • Establishing approaches to govern the relationship, monitor performance and manage spending that support sustained value capture
  • Helping you manage change throughout the journey
  • Orienting ways of working to ensure your business is delighted

Partnering with us, you are able to make well-informed decisions by accessing our depth of expertise, market insights, and pragmatic approaches across each stage of your journey:


We challenge you to think strategically about how you consume and deliver services and refine the delivery model to best achieve your strategic outcomes.


We support you in the design and implementation of unique, tailored solutions to build an advantaged services model, leveraging our expertise to establish a robust process and mitigate the risks inherent to any implementation.


We work with you to continually adapt your service models against evolving market needs and on-going cost, risk and performance pressures to increase agility, flexibility, and capabilities.

  • Shared services strategy
  • Functional sourcing strategy
  • Opportunity valuation
  • Risk assessment
  • Cloud strategy
  • Skill portfolio rationalization
  • Workforce optimization assessments
  • Portfolio opportunity assessments
  • RFP development and advisory support
  • Solution development workshop facilitation
  • Negotiation planning
  • Governance design and implementation
  • Transition planning and support
  • Incentive structure evaluation and design
  • Sole source value assurance
  • Retained organization design
  • Interim governance and role augmentation
  • Services effectiveness assessments
  • End of term strategy
  • Relationship mediation
  • Services transformation

Our partnerships

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Everest Group

Our exclusive alliance with Everest Group makes industry-leading research available to inform your most critical global services decisions.

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Hex Advisory Group

Our strategic partnership with HEX Advisory Group supports your pricing needs by offering world-class Contract Health Checks, Service Provider Advisory, and Benchmarking Services & Products.

Our certifications

Wavestone is included in the 2023 Global Outsourcing 100® list of the world’s best outsourcing service providers and advisors, compiled by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®)