Join an ambitious corporate project...

As an experienced professional at Wavestone, you’ll be joining an international consulting firm with a presence in 9 countries across Europe, the United States, and Asia. This global footprint exposes you to a diverse range of clients worldwide and a multitude of expertise within multidisciplinary teams.

Our ambition? To become the preferred partner for the world’s leading companies and organizations, helping them tackle their most critical challenges:

1. Increased competition in every sector prompting businesses to revise their operational models.

2. The rapid shift towards digital, turning what was once a gradual movement into an urgent necessity.

3. The rise of climate and environmental urgency, now a strategic and operational priority for all major companies.

At the heart of this ambition is our IMPACT strategy plan. Designed to position Wavestone at the forefront of these major transformations, it aims to provide innovative and concrete solutions to our clients’ challenges.

The mergers completed in 2022 with the firms Nomadéis (a French specialist in sustainable development), Pen partnership, and Coeus in the UK allowed us to expand our scope. This momentum continues with our prospective merger with Q_PERIOR, aiming to establish a consulting leader in Europe.

Joining Wavestone means embarking on a journey where ambition and perpetual motion shape tomorrow’s landscape.

...with abundant growth opportunities

Advancing the careers and skills of our professionals is our top priority. By joining Wavestone, you’ll thrive in a demanding environment, which will stimulate your growth and encourage you to take on even more rewarding responsibilities.

We firmly believe that there isn’t a single path to career growth. To provide diverse opportunities for all professionals, we offer both vertical advancement (focused on developing expertise, consulting skills, managerial capacities, etc.) and horizontal advancement (exploring new expertise, changing roles, relocating, etc.).

At Wavestone, we aim to cultivate Thought Leaders who understand their sector, propose innovative visions and beliefs, and are recognized for their expert stance, thereby establishing a credible market image and delivering value to clients.

We support our consultants in enhancing their expertise by providing opportunities to share ideas internally (Expert Talks, Bridges, etc.) and develop their roles as Thought Leaders (opportunities and monitoring of media appearances, media training, social media training, trade shows and conferences, blogs, etc.).

Managerial opportunities at Wavestone can take various forms, either through operational roles such as monitoring mission contributions and expertise development, or through mentoring less experienced HR profiles in career management and tracking roles.

We assist our professionals in progressively taking on managerial responsibilities through a management training journey, including modules on management fundamentals, psychosocial risk management, inclusive management, etc.

• A Consulting Behavior training path, suitable for all roles, to grasp the fundamentals of the consulting profession and its career-long evolutions.

• Cross-training on “hard skills” corresponding to the firm’s primary expertise and topics at the heart of our clients’ transformations: Cloud, Cybersecurity, AI, Data, Sustainability, etc., with many leading to certifications.

• Specific training and paths for certain teams to prepare consultants for missions specific to their areas of expertise. Training initiatives are encouraged and supported by the Learning Factory.

• Multiple comprehensive and intuitive self-training platforms with varied learning modes (videos, podcasts, etc.) to accommodate the potential daily constraints of consultants.

Internal mobility offers our professionals the opportunity to enrich their careers and benefit from diverse growth prospects.

3 types of internal mobility are available:

  • Inter-team mobility: switching consulting teams (practice) without changing roles.
  • Geographic mobility: moving to another international or domestic office.
  • Role mobility: switching to a different role. line with your values

Wavestone’s #PositiveWay values unite teams across disciplines and geographies, ensuring the firm’s essence remains intact as it grows. A core value is the development of professionals, which includes a nurturing and fulfilling work environment. The firm offers flexible and accommodating work structures, allowing professionals to thrive in a demanding setting while maintaining a good work-life balance.

Work environment
Our Smartworking@Wavestone framework provides the freedom to organize your days according to your work style and personal commitments, with no set quota of remote/on-site days (as long as it doesn’t conflict with client expectations).

The firm provides various measures to support parenting, including flexible activities during pregnancy and after returning, a “sick child days” policy, access to daycare spots, and an equitable career progression approach for employees who are parents.

Company culture 
Wavestone’s culture is built on 4 key values – Client Satisfaction, Professional Development, Ethics and Responsibility, and Collective Spirit – making both professional advancement and CSR strong strategic pillars.

A Transparent Salary Policy

Wavestone offers its experienced professionals competitive compensation, with salary scales are aligned with market practices and regularly reviewed for fairness and transparency.

Our salary policy is transparent to all, ensuring equitable pay and performance-based bonuses, fostering consistency in our practices and a trust framework for our teams.