In any organization, creativity and collective intelligence are crucial for the success of projects. This is why our community of designers and facilitators offers to accompany you in your strong moments of exchange and co-construction through rich and varied training.

Collective intelligence is key for organizations

In a context where we must:

  1. Reinvent ourselves, innovate
  2. Engage our employees in the transformation
  3. Break down silos to move forward together

Collective intelligence is one of the keys for organizations. And it must be made possible in all new work situations.

Creadesk: Who are we?

Our community has many designers and facilitators to support you during your high points of exchange and co-construction.

They rely on a large number of resources:

  • Proven methods to ease collective intelligence
  • Digital tools and specialized animation material
  • Training courses that reflect our know-how and strong convictions
  • Modular workspaces where cooperation can be developed

Creativity is a vector for teamwork, project success and innovation

We emphasize creativity, to surpass ourselves when traditional solutions are lacking, to stand out when gold nuggets must be identified among the large volume of ideas expressed, and to take the lead when many current and future problems must be addressed.

Collective intelligence allows to achieve alignment, coherence and success in each project

This intelligence is based on empowerment and cooperation: the main keys to the thinking carried out by our experts on a daily basis. They are materialized by publications and strong convictions on their links with operating modes, but above all by our commitment to our clients.

We offer a wide range of training programs

To enable our consultants to make the most out of our clients’ collective intelligence, we have a regularly enriched training offer for our teams. It is available in both face-to-face and remote formats, ranging from a 30-minute flash session to discover a new animation, to completing 3-day modules.

The topics covered are numerous, reflecting the breadth of the collective intelligence universe:

  • Mastery and diversification of animation techniques
  • Design and facilitation of seminars
  • The use of digital tools for collective intelligence
  • The fundamentals and implementation of Design Thinking
  • The use of graphics for collective work

Most of our training courses are given by our in-house experts, and some by external specialists.

Upon request, we can offer these trainings to your teams by adapting our existing content to your issues.

To support our offer, we have at our disposal animation tools

We actively monitor digital collective intelligence tools in order to provide the best advice and support in the deployment and use of these solutions.

Within Wavestone, we have licenses and partnerships for the following applications:

logo beekast

Collaborative work platform that combines content (PowerPoint, PDF, native videos) with interactive activities such as word clouds, MCQs, voting, polling.

logo miro

Online collaborative whiteboard that allows to share ideas between collaborators and meet different needs: meetings, workshops, brainstorming, agile workflows, UX design, mind mapping…

logo toguna

A very large-scale consultation and alignment tool to bring together strategy and collective ambition, thanks to a simple mobile application with an engaging design.

logo play play

One of the easiest editing tools on the market to create professional quality videos in a few clicks thanks to its huge library of templates.

Thanks to Creadesk, we are continuously renewing our practice of collective intelligence by exploring emerging methods and solutions that are at the forefront of market trends.

Apolline explains how Creadesk helped meet the needs of clients to animate teams remotely from the beginning of the health crisis: