How can artificial intelligence benefit your company?

As fascinating as it’s confusing, AI seems to have gone from misunderstood laboratory researchers to the center of everyone’s attention in just a few months.

Recent advances in Deep Learning, and in particular the spectacular development of Large Language Models (LLMs) over the last 5 years, have brought AI back to the forefront. It’s no longer just a technological innovation, it’s a real accelerator for the transformation of our society.

And with good reason: AI is revolutionizing every sector, from medicine to financial services, from energy to transportation, from education to leisure.

In business, it is raising questions about the evolution of each of our professions and the skills needed tomorrow, revolutionizing production processes and improving operational efficiency.

More disturbingly, it can change the way we make strategic decisions and even upend entire creative processes.

The results of the Global Technology & Data Leaders Survey have been published!

We surveyed 600 CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, CISOs, in Europe, North America, and Asia on the impact of generative AI on all aspects of their business. The survey reveals that many technology leaders are not  yet to embrace GenAI.

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Through our “Road to AI” series of articles, let’s explore the many facets of artificial intelligence together and unleash its full potential for your business.

GenAI in Pharma

Generative AI in Pharma: How Do You Prepare the Wider Organization to use Generative AI to get a Real Value-Add?

The Pharma industry is also being transformed by Generative AI. Do not miss how you could help your company get a real value-add.

AI in healthcare: A technological transformation with people at its heart

The transformative yet subtle influence of AI in healthcare signals a promising future where AI will enable tailored prevention and personalized medicine, seamlessly enhancing drug development, personalized therapy, and efficient use of resources.

GenAI and the age of Augmented Consultants

The consulting industry is also beginning to be transformed by the arrival of generative AI. But beyond its analytics and content generation capabilities, what impact will it really have on the consulting professions?

Exploring the Automotive industry and its expanded possibilities with GenAI

GenAI will make its presence felt in many areas of the Automotive industry. The result? Agility and productivity for automakers who know how to harness it.

Generative AI is no Free Lunch

Since powerful, easy-to-use technologies have been made available to the general public, every day brings a new announcement about what these AIs can do for us; impressive and challenging.

Does the ecological transition really need Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is on the rise, but can it be the link between digital and sustainable transformation?

Does GenAI optimize Supply Chain performance?

Considered a real game changer in the Supply Chain, Artificial Intelligence will not be widely used in the sector for another five to ten years. That was without counting on the arrival of ChatGPT.

GenAI for energy transition: paving a promising pathway for tomorrow’s revolution?

Better production, management and use of energy: this is the promise of artificial intelligence, and it will only be realized if industrial decisions are reliable, robust and sustainable.

Data scientists: redefining business needs with AI

By providing data science capabilities, artificial intelligence is reshuffling the deck when it comes to corporate skills.

The Empathy Paradox: Can AI Truly Connect with Customers in a Contact Centre?

As businesses seek more efficient ways to handle customer interactions, AI-powered contact centres have emerged as a promising solution. Will AI replace contact centres employees and truly connect with customers?

Retail: when GenAI hits the shelves!

What will genAI bring to retail? Will it be able to interact and adapt to a context already profoundly reshaped by e-commerce?

Microsoft 365 Copilot: 5 successful steps for testing and productivity

Discover the new “Microsoft 365 Copilot” and get ready now to make the most of it.

Artificial Intelligence: familiar grounds or uncharted territory?

For companies, Artificial Intelligence clears many a pathway to development. Find out how to get it right for your business.

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity: Kick-starting key initiatives

Artificial intelligence offers unprecedented potential for innovation, so it’s crucial to integrate the right security measures.

Why generative AI needs good old-fashioned common sense?

Is genAI the modern-day combustion engine or Internet? Is the end of work in sight? Let’s get back to reality.

Retrouver la souveraineté Européenne en matière d'ia et de technologie

Artificial Intelligence: Will Europe catch up?

Europe is lagging behind in the Artificial Intelligence race, far behind the Chinese and American giants who are shaping this disruptive technology in their own hands. However, it can intelligently make up for lost time.

Wavestone Global Technology Leaders Survey

Wavestone AI Global IT Leader Survey 2023

Are you an IT decision maker? We invite you to participate in the Wavestone Global Survey on ‘Generative AI’, exploring whether organizations are putting the foundations in place to benefit from the opportunities while avoiding the risks.

The online questionnaire takes ten minutes to complete (preferably on your computer) and covers areas such as adoption, challenges, use cases, and investments.
Your responses remain anonymous. As a participant, you will receive a copy of this report.

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