Wavestone is a management consulting firm with a mission to deliver major enterprise transformations. Wavestone’s approach is founded upon the belief that the key to successful corporate transformation lies in the ability to simultaneously master business, organisational and technological challenges.

Wavestone is listed on Euronext Paris (since March 14, 2000, Euroclear code: 7486), compartment A.
ISIN : FR0013357621 – Mnémonique : WAVE – Classification FTSE : code 972 – Reuters : SLUC . LN – Bloomberg : SOLC. FP – ICB : 9533 – IT services

Wavestone was first introduced on the free market in 2000 and transfered on the new market in 2001.

Between 2001 and 2003, the share decreased following the bursting of the technology bubble. Following this, it increased progressively between 2003 and 2013. Since 2013 however, the share has tripled in value thanks to an significant and regular progression.

The stock exchange price is available on websites such as Boursorama, Les Echos, Bourse, Boursier.com… as well as the iPhone Stocks app under the mnemonic code WAVE.PA.

Wavestone’s benchmark index is the Cac & Mid Small. It is also a part of CAC TECHNOLOGY, Enternext PEA-PME 150 and the Tech 40 index. The latter is made up of 40 SMEs and innovative european ETI of the new technology sector. It was launched in May 2015 by Enternext, a Euronext subsidiary. This index is also a label as it regroups each year the best SMEs and ETIs on an economic and financial level.

To become a shareholder of Wavestone, contact your usual financial intermediary (bank, stockbroker, assets management company, etc.). You may also turn to an on-line broker.

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The Annual Report is usually handed out at the Annual General Meeting. It is also available on the Documents & reports section of our website.

Wavestone has a free Shareholders’ Club available to any shareholder no matter the amount of shares. To join, you must fill out our online form. A proof of share ownership will then be required.

If you hold registered shares, you shall receive a notice of convocation from Cacéis, Wavestone’s registrars. Then, you will just have to attend the meeting on the D day.

If you hold bearer shares, you need to ask your bank to immobilise your shares and then attend the AGM with an immobilisation certificate that will allow you to participate.

To attend shareholder meetings, except the Annual General Meeting, you must join the Shareholders’ Club.

You can contact us by email at action@wavestone.com or by telephone on our shareholder line +33 1 49 03 28 28.

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