Accompanying the firm's growth

As an Account manager, you support the growth of Wavestone’s business and revenue. To do this, you value all the firm’s offers to various parties (Marketing Directors, CIO, Innovation Directors, HR, etc.), with whom you have a lasting relationship.

On a daily basis, you differentiate yourself by your enthusiasm and sense of responsibility, your relational qualities and your love for teamwork.

Our business efficiency is based on a dedicated business development team, a broad number of large account clients and proven sector agility. Thus, you intervene on a diversified portfolio of clients:  companies with local or global influence, leaders or new entrants, private players or public sector…

Take control of your progression with Wavestone Horizon

“Wavestone Horizon: Business Development” is the route that allows each Account manager to visualize their progress within the sales teams. It gives benchmarks, known to employees and their management, to understand what is expected at each rank and identify the skills to develop to successfully take new steps.

Listen to employee testimonies

“We have an account management sector that aims to boost the firm’s business development.”

Anne-Sophie, Account manager