Laure Michel

Laure Michel

Director of Recruitment

This charter is equally intended for both candidates wishing to join Wavestone and colleagues involved in the recruitment process.

This process is strongly selective. We expect our candidates to have a certain level of expertise and interpersonal skills that match the firm’s structural values: boldness, team spirit, exemplary behavior and passion. We look for curious, committed and enthusiastic individuals with a real potential for development within the firm.

This level of selectivity reflects a very demanding work environment. In this way, while Wavestone is particular about the people it selects to join its teams, we, in return, commit to ensuring a positive experience for applicants. This is notably achieved through the training of our recruiters, and also through the structuring of our recruitment methods around strong principles.

Our four commitments reflect Wavestone’s mindset, which embodies “The Positive Way”: the ambition to have a positive impact on all our stakeholders, and in particular, our candidates