Address the complete CTO agenda

CTOs and IT departments face more and more challenges as the technology strongly becomes one of the key competitive assets for businesses.

While ensuring the quality, stability and evolution of their current IT products, CTOs are becoming instrumental in:

  • Providing platforms and solutions to trigger and accelerate market innovation
  • Ensuring business alignment with technological transformations to come
  • Laying the foundations to improve sustainability of the IT footprint
  • Enabling smooth scalability of systems to facilitate rapid growth and disruption

As a top-of-the-line technology consulting actor, we support CTOs across the full extent of their agenda, both as a:

  • Key partner to shape their IT Strategy
  • Support executing some of their most complex operational transformations
Florence Noizet

Florence Noizet


We leverage technology as an asset to drive corporate performance and support successful business transformations.

As a sparring partner we focus on advising CTOs on 3 core stakes above all:

  • To plan, engineer and build a secure, resilient, and rational technological foundation
  • To organize teams and processes to promote continuous improvement, from operating models to sourcing
  • To ensure quality and efficiency of IT services, steering client satisfaction and continuous industrialization

As technology leaders, we help CTOs achieve their transformations on 3 critical dimensions above all:

  • To grow maturity in Cloud architecture and alignment with business use cases
  • To design and operate Smart Networks as a key and future-proof foundation of their IT
  • To enhance Digital Workplace as a catalyst of modern end-user experience

Our large-scale positioning makes us a partner of choice to support most key interlocutors within IT Departments: CTOs, CDOs, CISOs, Workplace Managers, Cloud Champions, Digital and Data Factory Managers, IT Services Managers, IT Production Directors, Innovation Managers, DevOps Champions, Architects…

Working with you from strategy to implementation, providing end-to-end high-value IT transformation support

Our widespread and long-lasting experience across the technological market enables us to provide high-value consulting and support along the full life cycle of CTOs’ agendas.

Our service offering covers endeavors such as:

  • Opportunity studies
  • Technology insights and analysis
  • Benchmarks, Radars & Market Insights
  • Global IT Strategy
  • Long-term technology roadmap
  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Operating Model
  • Architecture and design
  • Streamline IT processes
  • In-depth assessments of IT solutions
  • Assessment of CSR impacts
  • Implementation of key foundations (e.g., public cloud)
  • DevOps Engineering
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Training and culture
  • Innovative accelerators: hackathons, user research, DOJO
  • Agile Ops support
  • Program framework development
  • Business case
  • Project management
  • Digital communication
  • Program governance and PMO
  • Field technological advisory
  • Technical and organizational assessments
  • Remediation planning
  • Financial efficiency and total cost optimization
  • Carbon footprint optimization
  • SRE and automation acceleration
  • Technological debt improvement

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