In today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands ready to revolutionize operations, driven by automation, shifting customer demands, and the march toward digitization. Projections suggest that by 2030, AI adoption could bolster the global GDP by trillions of dollars. Amidst this transformative tide, Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 emerges as a potent tool to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.

This concise document elucidates the pivotal role of Copilot for M365, and more generally AI, in augmenting efficiency and serves as a practical guide for its seamless integration within organizations. By delving into the technical nuances and operational facets of Copilot for M365, it delineates the benefits and challenges associated with its implementation. Wavestone offers a comprehensive exploration of Copilot, encompassing its functionality, business advantages, deployment strategies, and potential ramifications on future business paradigms.

As an official Microsoft partner committed to facilitating the deployment and widespread adoption of Copilot for M365 as a generative AI solution, Wavestone boasts extensive expertise and hands-on experience in this domain. Consequently, this document elucidates Wavestone’s five-step approach to deploying Copilot for M365, replete with tangible examples and showcasing key performance indicators and outcomes gleaned from client engagements.

Moreover, as a forward-thinking narrative, it furnishes insights into the future trajectory of AI in business, underscoring the thriving significance of data as a strategic asset.

Thanks to Joel Wozniak, Riccardo Bergamaschi, Savvas Meliadis, Cindy Bredon Roche, Jeanne Laurent, Raphaël Zerbib and Dorra Ben Dechich for their contributions.