A five-step integration

All new Wavestone employees follow the same path to facilitate their integration. This period extends from their first day at the firm to the end of their trial period. It is organized around important moments:

Preparing for the arrival

We give you all the practical details for D-Day.

Welcoming you on the first day

In the context of Covid-19, you join our remote onboarding program. Normally or in the environments that allow it, you meet your new colleagues and discover the offices in a friendly environment.

“Delivering in Wavestone” course

Dedicated training allows you to take ownership of Wavestone’s fundamentals and discover its main tools.

Meeting your buddy

He or she answers all your questions, explains how the firm works and takes you to meet the teams.

Participating in Wavestone Inside

Several times a year, during an integration seminar, new employees from all offices around the world are gathered during two days of discovery and meetings.

Abundant growth opportunities

Advancing the careers and skills of our professionals is our top priority. By joining Wavestone, you’ll thrive in a demanding environment, which will stimulate your growth and encourage you to take on even more rewarding responsibilities.

New recruits as well as experienced employees have access to a variety of training opportunities. Our aim is to support their skills development on an ongoing basis.

• A Consulting Behavior training path, suitable for all roles, to grasp the fundamentals of the consulting profession and its career-long evolutions.

• Cross-training on “hard skills” corresponding to the firm’s primary expertise and topics at the heart of our clients’ transformations: Cloud, Cybersecurity, AI, Data, Sustainability, etc., with many leading to certifications.

• Specific training and paths for certain teams to prepare consultants for missions specific to their areas of expertise. Training initiatives are encouraged and supported by the Learning Factory.

• Multiple comprehensive and intuitive self-training platforms with varied learning modes (videos, podcasts, etc.) to accommodate the potential daily constraints of consultants.

At Wavestone, we aim to cultivate Thought Leaders who understand their sector, propose innovative visions and beliefs, and are recognized for their expert stance, thereby establishing a credible market image and delivering value to clients.

We support our consultants in enhancing their expertise by providing opportunities to share ideas internally (Expert Talks, Bridges, etc.) and develop their roles as Thought Leaders (opportunities and monitoring of media appearances, media training, social media training, trade shows and conferences, blogs, etc.).

Internal mobility offers our professionals the opportunity to enrich their careers and benefit from diverse growth prospects.

3 types of internal mobility are available:

  • Inter-team mobility: switching consulting teams (practice) without changing roles.
  • Geographic mobility: moving to another international or domestic office.
  • Role mobility: switching to a different role.

Managerial opportunities at Wavestone can take various forms, either through operational roles such as monitoring mission contributions and expertise development, or through mentoring less experienced HR profiles in career management and tracking roles.

We assist our professionals in progressively taking on managerial responsibilities through a management training journey, including modules on management fundamentals, psychosocial risk management, inclusive management, etc.

We believe that the first source of learning is practice. Our junior employees are quickly assigned to customer projects, supported by their team and project manager, so that they can familiarize themselves with the different types of assignment and begin to learn the best practices and skills needed for their profession. They develop their expertise by working alongside experts on their various subjects.

As a junior employee, you’ll take on responsibilities right from the start, such as running projects, working closely with clients to solve their most complex challenges, and contributing to Wavestone’s business development. The scope of your responsibilities will increase as you progress in your career.

A strong network to help you grow

Managers are the first guarantors of the employee experience. That’s why we pay special attention to the support that everyone receives, which revolves around four key individuals:

Career Development Manager - Wavestone

Career Development Manager (CDM)

They follow the progress of the employees they have responsibility for, directing them to the most relevant opportunities for their professional development.

HR team

They support Career Development Managers by providing their vision of individual situations and paths. They can also be requested directly by employees.

Relai RH - Wavestone
Chef de projet - Wavestone

Engagement lead

They lead projects. In this capacity, they actively contribute to the development of the skills and expertise of the employees they supervise.

Buddy or Internship mentor

They accompany the employee in the discovery of the firm and facilitate their integration.

Parrain ou tuteur de stage - Wavestone

A career punctuated by Wavestone Horizon

To give employees more visibility into their development prospects, career paths are formalized within “Wavestone Horizon”. For any level of responsibility in a given role, the expected skills and benchmark salary are clearly defined and are the same for everyone. This document is defined according to the specifics of each activity:

This route is open to all employees, regardless of their field of excellence or their geographical location.

It is this common evaluation framework that feeds the “talent reviews”, annual milestones where management and HR teams exchange on each employee of the firm: prospects of progression over 12 to 24 months, associated development actions, objectives of the year, possible promotion and evolution of their remuneration package.