Facing the evolution of consumer expectations and behaviors, the sector is in constant transformation

Consumers are more informed, more demanding, and seek meaning. Their expectations and behaviors are constantly evolving. They are thus forcing industry players to renew themselves, over and over.

Today more than ever, companies must adapt to offer their customers an immediate response to meet their needs, personalized experiences, and additional services. Companies must also convey strong and meaningful values, to which customers in search of meaning, are now particularly sensitive.

To move towards a more sustainable model, the Retail and Consumer Goods sector must continue its transformation:

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In an increasingly digital context, omnichannel and unified commerce have become central elements of customer relations. Improving and optimizing the customer journey is essential to remain competitive.

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New consumption patterns are emerging: customers’ ecological awareness and the desire to consume responsibly are having an impact on purchasing and supply strategies, but also on design, manufacturing, promotion and sales.

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Investing in innovative digital solutions allows industry players to collect and aggregate data to better meet consumer needs. The data collected is used to improve performance, personalize the customer experience, improve in-store operational efficiency and enhance corporate responsibility.

Wavestone supports your transformation into a "RetailTech Company"

From large groups to medium-sized companies, in food retailing as well as in specialized retailing, we help you to transform your company into a “RetailTech Company” of tomorrow. Thanks to our triple expertise in Business/Technology/Sustainability, we help you to place digital and data at the heart of your business model and your store assets with regard to key trends:

  • Online & Offline convergence: e-commerce, unified commerce, digitalization of customer paths, Metavers and Web 3.0, omnichannel services
  • Innovation and immersive in-store experience: RetailTech for customer & employee experiences, innovative solutions radar & associated partnerships to improve traditional solutions (cash, payment, after sales service, etc.)
  • Transformation and optimization of operations and supply chain: procurement, warehouse, transportation
  • Design, prototyping & industrialization of associated solutions based on IoT, robotization, traceability and other innovations
  • New consumption models (second hand, rental services, subscription, direct to consumer…): design, prototyping & industrialization, potential partnerships, solutions & associated processes
  • Action plan around sustainable production: CSR strategy, diagnosis and monitoring of environmental performance, deployment of sustainable products and services, potential partnerships

Our partnerships

logo AFRC

For more than 5 years, Wavestone has been a member of the AFRC (French Customer Relationship Association). Within this framework, we produce with the association thematic radars, co-branded publications and acculturation webinars on various subjects (metaverse, ecological and societal transition, customer experience, etc.)

logo viva technology

As a partner of Viva Technology since its creation, we have produced points of view, summaries, and radars of solutions and startups to improve the experience proposed by the major groups. Since the launch of the event, we have also been developing thematic customer paths for major companies.

logo forinov

Forinov’s ambition is to become the LinkedIn B2B for innovation, and even for startups. The platform connects 1800 startups with about 40 companies and innovation partners to enable them to collaborate more efficiently. Incubated within ShakeUp, our startup accellerator, we support Forinov in its project.

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In a context of changing consumption patterns, the global second-hand market is growing by 22% compared to 2020. This is what the recent study carried out by Tripartie in partnership with Wavestone reveals.

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