The digital revolution requires greater agile operating models

With the arrival of digital technology in all businesses and a rapidly changing economic environment, the ability to transform operational models has become key. By working with organizations and on their methods of operation, companies want to respond to issues that have become critical:

  • Agility: Reduce time to market, innovate faster, accelerate decision making and execution
  • Efficiency: Maximize the created value and improve productivity
  • Resilience: React quickly to sudden changes and guarantee the continuity of vital activities
  • Talent engagement: Attract and fully leverage the capacity of all talent

Agile@Scale models are gradually emerging as highly relevant operational models to address these challenges. They allow you to:

  • Build organizations based on “value chains” aligned with your company’s challenges
  • Produce value via shorter cycles while better controlling the drift risks inherent in projects
  • Gain greater flexibility in the allocation of means and resources
  • Better leverage the skills and contribution capacity of each employee

These models are particularly well suited to the new digital paradigms: by creating closer collaboration and integration between business and IT teams, they allow you to take full advantage of new technological opportunities (Cloud, Data, UX, etc.).

We support you in the design and implementation of your operational models

We provide the expertise and methodologies that enable you to activate the various levers of transformation of your operational models and to support your teams in the changes that these involve.

We help you formalize the ambitions and transformation objectives of your operational model and define a target operational model aligned with these ambitions:

  • Analysis of the operational model in place (expression of strengths and weaknesses, mobilized staff, structuring of activities, key management processes…)
  • Formalization of transformation objectives and expected benefits
  • Expression of value proposition or target raison d’être
  • Design of operational model scenarios and selection of a target
  • Use cases of operations to make the target model more reliable
  • Impact analysis and definition of the transformation path

We design operational models applying agile principles at scale for the:

  • Identification of value chains (from business to IS) based on strategic issues and the existing landscape
  • Co-construction of a target operational model aligned with these value chains (tribes, feature teams, component teams, trains, guilds, chapters, etc.)
  • Definition of principles, roles and operating methods to ensure overall consistency (especially for UX and customer journey, regulatory compliance and internal control, enterprise architecture, security and resilience, runtime models and DevOps, etc.)
  • Analysis of the impacts and changes to be made: new roles, impacts on the managerial model, new governance, synergy of agile and “traditional” delivery, management of sourcing, management of investments, etc.
  • Definition of the transformation trajectory

We support you in the preparation and execution of organizational transformations, managing the technical, human and regulatory dimensions:

  • Definition of organizational structures
  • Analysis of social and HR impacts
  • Support for the conduct of social dialogue
  • Implementation of “technical” changeover actions (transfer of budgets, staff and contracts, adaptation of processes and tools, etc.)
  • Communication, change management and managerial support

Budgeting and investment management processes are key to aligning activities and projects with strategic priorities. With the implementation of agile models at scale, these processes are evolving towards lean portfolio management and value-based management.

We support you in the creation, implementation, and optimization of these processes:

  • Definition of budget areas/portfolio structuring
  • Setting up governance, processes, and management tools
  • Definition of objectives and key results (OKR), and value scoring methods
  • Implementation of project management indicators
  • Support for the execution of portfolio management processes

Our clients are constantly seeking to optimize their performance and the value they deliver in relation to their costs. We can help you  to identify and implement the relevant actions, and/or to improve your performance management by:

  • Mapping of activities and costs
  • Identification of efficient actions in all areas (organization, process simplification and optimization, sourcing and localization, IS rationalization, value management, etc.)
  • Evaluation of potential gains
  • Construction of budgets or operational models on a “zero base”
  • Construction of costing and billing models
  • Support for efficiency improvement plans
  • Improvement of performance management tools and processes

The attractiveness, talent management and skills management issues have become central to many businesses, and increasingly regarding tech skills. We can help you to anticipate your needs in these areas and to structure your actions:

  • Job and competency planning
  • Skills transformation plan (upskilling, reskilling)
  • Talent management process
  • Attractiveness and recruitment improvement plan
  • HR practices: mobility, remote working, etc.
  • Management models and practices
  • Social responsibility and related practices (diversity, disability, etc.)

We implement transformative actions on various scales depending on your objectives: to position yourself rapidly in a new market or to develop a product, to manage a strategic change in scope (M&A, Carve-Out). We will also align your resources with new strategic challenges (transformation of business units or the geographical model), pool business or IT activities to gain efficiency, etc.

These transformations often have a significant human impact: they modify the positioning, the role and the practices of the employees. We therefore pay close attention to these aspects, involving your organization’s managers and employees as much as possible, with change management placed at the heart of the project, in line with our “Positive Way” DNA and our responsible consulting approach.

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