Many companies have switched all or part of their IT department to agile. However, this is only the first step in the transition to agile at scale, which cannot be fully effective if the rest of the organization does not make the same switch. 

The benefits of agile at scale are well documented, as it favors interaction and collaboration and reduces the time to market. This approach disrupts not only organizational structures but also hierarchical relationships, practices and managerial postures by empowering teams. The agility at scale approach favors the development of competencies through the definition and sharing of tangible objectives whose implementation is delegated to autonomous teams responsible for their “product“.  

Based on the support we have provided to companies in various sectors, we will develop in this study the principles and issues mentioned above and propose a methodology to successfully switch to an organizational model that will enable you to achieve this much sought-after agility.

Thanks to Nabiha Kheirallah, Cécile Chanut, Victoria Hopmann and Camille Bertrand, co-authors of this publication.