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GenAI and the age of Augmented Consultants

The consulting industry is also beginning to be transformed by the arrival of generative AI. But beyond its analytics and content generation capabilities, what impact will it really have on the consulting professions?

Generative AI is no Free Lunch

Since powerful, easy-to-use technologies have been made available to the general public, every day brings a new announcement about what these AIs can do for us; impressive and challenging.

Why generative AI needs good old-fashioned common sense?

Is genAI the modern-day combustion engine or Internet? Is the end of work in sight? Let’s get back to reality.

Data and AI, from technological promise to tangible business impact!

To successfully scale up, discover the 4 key issues that must be on the agenda of all Chief Analytics & Data-Officers in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain: State of the Art & 2020 Radar

This year, Wavestone partners with France Supply Chain to present the 2020 radar of AI applied to Supply Chain.


How to integrate RegTech into your compliance environment?

The compliance function was born in the French financial sector in the early 2000s to respond to problematics with a very strong legal emphasis. Following the 2008 crisis, regulatory constraints and fines imposed on financial services companies exploded.

Smart data & energy

Smart Data in Energy

Home automation and connected objects generate a record amount of data for the energy sector companies.