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AI Security Radar 2024: Cyber Solutions for a Trustworthy AI

The AI Security Radar offers a panorama of market-leading cybersecurity solutions against the specific risks targeting AI.

Reduce the environmental impact of cybersecurity: where do I start?

Measure your cybersecurity ecological footprint! Download the “Cyber Sustainability” assessment tool and create your own action plan.

Sustainability: Cybersecurity has a role to play

Embrace cyber sustainability — reduce your IT’s environmental impact without compromising your cybersecurity.

CISO Radar: 2024 – A Year of Adaptation, Collaboration, and Transformation in Cybersecurity

The CISO radar explores 2024’s key cybersecurity challenges.

CERT-Wavestone 2023 Report: Ransomware, Geopolitical risk, and Artificial intelligence

In 2023, CERT-Wavestone managed 37 major cybersecurity incidents for large organizations. Discover the state of the threat!

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity: Kick-starting key initiatives

Artificial intelligence offers unprecedented potential for innovation, so it’s crucial to integrate the right security measures.

French Cybersecurity Startups Radar – 2023 Edition

New faces, major fundraisings, growth prospects… Take a look at France’s cyber innovation ecosystem in 2023.

The CISO is dead. Long live the CSO?

As the bad guys get cleverer, companies are investing massively, which makes the role of CISO more important and more high-profile than ever.

Cybersecurity 2022​ Report : trends and analysis of ​one year of incident response

In cybersecurity, mid-sized companies are always more victims of attackers, whose motivation remains financial.

,Bases de données cybersécurité

French Cybersecurity Start-ups Radar 2022

The Cybersecurity Startups radar 2022 identifies the most promising 166 cybersecurity startups and 24 scale-ups.

Cybersecurity: How mature are large organisations?

While cyber attacks are on the rise, French companies still need to accelerate their digital transformation.

CISO Radar – What are the Priorities for 2022?

Based on our feedback from the field, this new version of the CISO Radar 2021 identifies the essential short and medium-term priorities to better anticipate threats.

Cyberattacks in 2021: ransomwares, still threat n°1

Cyberattacks in 2021: ransomwares, still threat n°1
On the launch of the European Cybersecurity Month and for the Assises de la Sécurité, Wavestone unveils the new edition of its benchmark of cybersecurity incidents. To this end, we reviewed the interventions of the CERT-Wavestone crisis management team between September 2020 and October 2021.

radar du rssi

CISO Radar: what are the priorities for 2021?

Threats are becoming more complex and resources increasingly limited… CISOs will need to demonstrate their agility in 2021.

Quantique et cybersecurité

Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity, guarantors of European technological autonomy

Today, few decision-makers have addressed the sovereignty issues posed by quantum computing. To begin with; cybersecurity. In the Sino-American war, what is Europe’s place? France’s place?

benchmark CERT 2020

Cyber Attack in France: What is the Situation on the Ground?

Wavestone unveils its 2020 panorama of cyber security incidents, with the aim of showing the evolution of the cyber threat in France.

Cybermaturity Vignette

Top Companies Cybersecurity Index 2020: what is the cybersecurity state of play in top companies’ annual reports across global financial centres?

In the changing context we know in 2020, Wavestone has analyzed the cybersecurity maturity levels of companies in major financial centers.

radar 2020 startups cybersécurité

The 2020 Cybersecurity Startups Radar

This year, Wavestone is partnering with BPI France to present the 2020 French cybersecurity startups radar. By combining their expertise and the results of their sector monitoring, Wavestone and BPI aim to provide an up-to-date representation of the situation of cybersecurity startups in France.

Cybersecurity in the face of the health crisis

Faced with the current health crisis, organisations must focus their efforts on regaining control over their cybersecurity and launching priority projects to meet the challenges of the coming months.

CISOs: Change your approach! Think attacker!

Faced with the challenge of streamlining operations against a backdrop of increasing threats, CISOs will need to change their approach… and one of the keys to doing so will be a shift to an attacker-centric strategy.

cyberattaques france

Cyber attack in France: what is the situation on the ground?

Discover our benchmark on cyber security incidents by our cyber security crisis team (CERT-W). The purpose of this benchmark is to help organizations and more generally society regarding the situation of cyber threats in France, and to share the solutions for improved anticipation and risk management through practical feedback.

cyber innovation watch

Cyber Innovation Watch #1

Shushane & Wavestone decided to join efforts to release a France/Israel watch letter to track the cybersecurity innovations created by these two countries.

How mature are companies’ financial communication regarding cybersecurity in the main stock market indices?

In a rapidly moving context (GDPR, increase in cyber-attacks, etc), Wavestone analysed the cybersecurity maturity levels of companies in major stock markets

2019 french cybersecurity startups radar

French Cybersecurity Startups Radar 2019 Edition

Discover the 2019 Edition of our French Cybersecurity Startups Radar and our analysis of the market trends


CISO at the heart of the IS revolution

Experts from Wavestone’s cybersecurity teams meet regularly to discuss market trends, and identify core issues, new topics, and emerging technologies to be explored.

Cyber Security Connect UK: Security in 2025

Wavestone presented it’s expert view on what security will look like in 2025 at the recent CyberSecurity Connect UK conference.

Cybersecurity start-ups in France

Cybersecurity start-ups in France

The radar of cybersecurity start-ups in France by Wavestone makes it possible to zoom in on the specificities of the French panorama and proposes axes of improvement to boost the French ecosystem.


How mature are annual reports of the CAC 40 regarding cybersecurity?

In a changing environment (GDPR, rising cyber attacks …), the Wavestone teams “Cybersecurity and Digital Trust” wanted to analyze the maturity levels of CAC 40 companies in cybersecurity according to a particular prism.


Radar of cybersecurity start-ups in France 2018

On the occasion of VivaTech, we propose to zoom in on the specificities of the panorama of French innovation with our new radar of cybersecurity start-ups in France.

CISO radar: anticipate to build your cybersecurity strategy

CISO radar: anticipate to build your cybersecurity strategy

CISO radar from Wavestone aims to support cybersecurity managers in prioritising their actions.

Cyber-resilience bend without breaking

Cyber-resilience 2017: bend without breaking

What actions can we take to prepare for major cyberattacks?

Cybersecurity start-ups in France: a booming ecosystem

Cybersecurity start-ups in France: a booming ecosystem

Cybersecurity is now the focus of everyone’s attention – the protection of personal data and defense against cyberattacks have become priorities for companies and governments.

next generation cybersecurity model

What is the next generation cybersecurity model?

Cloud-based services, digital transformation and open systems are placing ever greater demands on cybersecurity professionals. As a result, we need to evolve beyond traditional models (Castle/Fortress and Airport) towards a next generation cybersecurity model referred to as the “Airline” model.

Blockchain: finding the right balance between risk and innovation

Cybersecurity and the NIS directive: the European Union faces a challenge of consistency

EU member states must grapple with a new duty of consistency and cooperation. How can Europe best strengthen its cybersecurity?

Blockchain: finding the right balance between risk and innovation

Blockchain: finding the right balance between risk and innovation

This RiskInsight letter aims to interpret the evolutions concerning Blockchain and their function, to explain the risks and the documented attacks to allow you to find the right balance between risk and innovation.

Cyber-resilience bend without breaking

Cyber-resilience: bend without breaking

Bend without breaking» this is often how resilience is presented. How does this concept apply to cyberthreats?

Targeted cyberattacks and crisis management

Targeted cyberattacks: the need to rethink crisis management

Cybercrime is on the increase, the number of attacks is growing . All types of companies and organisations (including government…

The evolution of the cybersecurity

Cybersecurity strategy: fortress approach, move over, it’s time for the airport!

Digital transformation has turned the way we create and use information security upside down. The traditional “fortress” model of a security…