The rapid expansion of digital is turning the private banking sector upside down, and the competition is intensifying. For the sector’s players, adopting a digital strategy is becoming paramount. The customer relationship with the physical branch is changing and requires private banks to imagine a differentiated customer experience and rethink its internal organization.


To support its fifteen innovation initiatives, the client called on Wavestone to organize and lead a seminar dedicated to defining innovation initiatives, bringing together the 40 multinational members of the community, to develop new services, products, or uses.

Objective: to encourage employees to familiarize themselves with digital products and initiate a group dynamic, in a collective intelligence approach, to successfully implement the project roadmaps in the eight countries involved.

Responses & Key Success Factors

By leading a seminar, Wavestone offered an innovative role-playing approach with the theme of: “Unleashing creativity to succeed.” Over a 48-hour period, the 15 project teams developed their services from A to Z by addressing the challenges of a start-up: identifying client needs, joining an incubator, pitching their ideas, developing business plans, and devising customer experiences.