This radar focuses on GenAI French startups, the full publication is only available in French.

Wavestone presents its first edition of the Radar of French “Generative AI” Startups. Discover the radar trends analyzed by our experts, as well as the key figures for this fast-growing market.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI uses deep learning to create new data that resembles training data. The generative AI market represents a global market value in 2023 of $44.9 billion, with market growth estimated at 24.4% for 2024.

Radar's first findings

An emerging market

French startups dedicated to generative artificial intelligence have flourished over the past months. As we enter 2024, we have identified 141 startups, all very young. This is just the beginning of a very promising market for French entrepreneurs and investors.

Targeted use cases

A common strategy: targeting use cases with rapid ROI.

There are 2 main profiles: taking advantage of the possibilities offered by leading LLMs or relying on a sovereign technology.

Startups offer responses to specific, or even niche, needs in a highly competitive market.

Common challenges

Regulatory framework and technological prospects.

A major short-term expectation: regulatory changes, cited by the majority.

Text-to-text dominates, but speech-to-text and text-to-speech use cases are well represented.

Key figures


startups identified


years old on average




emerging sectors

Benoit Roblin

Benoit Roblin

Head of Bpifrance le Hub

The development of generative artificial intelligence systems is creating a new global technological competition.

France possesses significant assets: a talent pool recognized on the market, combined with attractive energy costs enabling the operation of large data centers.


For their contribution to the construction of this Radar, special thanks to Claire Delgove, Julien Floch, Thomas Argheria, Thomas Verstrepen, Etienne Scotto d’Apollonia, Baptiste Durand, Dylan Seetaloo, Ruiya Li, Rabah Laredj, Maxence Bacquart and Junjun Liu. We would also like to thank all the startups who took part in the radar survey.