In a context where environmental challenges are becoming a major source of concern, companies are tackling the deployment of more sustainable organizational models

The world of the supply chain is seeking to accelerate its transformation towards more sustainable organizational models.

Indeed, the architecture of the regulatory and legislative framework is now imposed on all: “Green Deal”, “Fit for 55”, “CSDR”, are terms that have come to structure the new compass for many Supply Chain players.

While the “solutionist” approach to decarbonizing the supply chain is clearly insufficient, and no substitute for deeper reflection on overhauling organizational models, it is nonetheless essential if we are to achieve the objectives that many companies have set themselves.

This 2nd edition of the Green Supply Chain Radar, produced by Wavestone’s Supply Chain practice and France Supply Chain, is part of this process of transformation, and aims to help companies by offering a scan of the solutions available on the market that can be integrated into their Supply Chain.

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