Wavestone is a long-standing partner of the Women’s Global Forum Meeting, and regularly produces summaries of debates and conferences to highlight topics or advances in the social field.

Women's Forum 2023

The Women’s Global Forum Meeting 2023 was held in Paris on November 28 and 29, 2023 at the Palais Brongniart. Now in its 18th year, this annual event brought together leaders and change-makers from around the world to discuss gender issues. The central theme was “Changing education, educating for change”. The aim was to explore how education can be transformed to better address global challenges and prepare learners to actively contribute to positive change.

Our Portraits

The Paris-based Women’s Forum, founded in 2005, is an international network that transforms the power of women’s voices and perspectives into innovative economic and political initiatives for societal change.

At the annual Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Paris and its regional events, a global community of businesswomen, legislators and change agents from various sectors come together to exchange ideas and take action in favor of gender equality.

We have created portraits of speakers with varied profiles and messages, from both international institutions and partner companies, in the logical continuation of the thread dedicated to education.

These 14 portraits prepared for the 2023 edition of the Women’s Forum, continue to highlight your speakers and partners.


Thank you to Elisa Marsoni, Jovana Trajkovic, Marine Reinhart, and Lorenzo Di Palo for their contributions. 

This publication was made possible by Wavestone’s partnership with the Women’s Forum For the Economy & Society.

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