What is CERT-W?

CERT-W centralises the firm’s intervention efforts to fight cybercrime: threat studies, defence strategy, crisis management (emergency preparation and intervention), digital forensic investigation, threat intelligence and innovation.

CERT-W brings together a set of technical and business skills mobilising over 45 experienced professionals, and offers references across several business sectors (ICT, industry, banks, services, transport, energy, etc.) and all types of intervention.

The CERT-W team is referenced with insurers as experts in cybercrime crisis management.

Our knowledge and beliefs

We perform our work consistent with the values of advisory: ethics, professionalism and respect of confidentiality.

To get this right, we’re convinced that it’s essential to:

  • Take an interest in the attack’s origin, beyond technical elements, to have a better idea of its extent and business impact
  • Adapt actions to the real impacts to the business, particularly around upcoming regulations about declaring incidents
  • Communicate carefully at each stage of the incidents, from detection to impact handling

Our fields of action

Analyse and handling of suspected or confirmed system compromise, identification of targeted data and attack methods, etc.

Prior crisis organisation and testing, leadership through real crises, coordinating teams, reporting to the Executive Committee, etc.

Threat watch, attractiveness assessment, risk mapping, links with cyber-insurance, etc.

Simulation of cyber-attack, social engineering, physical intrusion tests (offer certified ISO 27001), etc.

Constructing action plans, correcting vulnerabilities, securing the IS, rebuilding secured perimeters from scratch, etc.

Our certifications

CERT-W is an accredited CERT of TF-CSIRT Trusted Introducer, and responds to the requirements of the CERT® Coordination Center.

Currently facing a cyber incident ? CERT-W is here to help

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(Monday-Friday 9am-7pm UTC+1)