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Strengthening compliance and transparency for payments systems – BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is in compliance with the SRVII/R16 regulation on the transparency of payment systems

multi-geography cybersecurity

Developing a multi-geography cybersecurity strategy and implementation roadmap

Wavestone analyzed future initiatives spread across various departments to create a proactive, coherent, and enterprise-wide approach to cybersecurity.

Assess the global level of security of a pan-European betting company

This pan-European betting business has been growing rapidly and has seen cybersecurity compliance requirements for each country getting tougher over time.

Define the cybersecurity strategy for a large international retail bank

This major bank has a presence in over 40 countries worldwide, and wished to assess its global security level, in order to define the associated masterplan for the years to come.

logo amadeus

Cybersecurity audit campaign for the Asia-Pacific region

Amadeus, a travel technology company, has appointed a Chief Information Security Officer for the Asia-Pacific region. He wants an assessment of the level of security of the 13 countries that make up his perimeter.

Developing a multi-geography cybersecurity strategy and implementation roadmap

As the result of a recent organizational transformation based on a FFIEC cybersecurity assessment, a global investment bank engaged Wavestone to define its Cybersecurity strategy and multi-year implementation roadmap of initiatives to enhance the bank’s cybersecurity practices in North and South America.