Eshaa Sidi, Senior Consultant

An interview to discover what a day in the life of a Wavestone consultant looks like

What does a normal day look like for you as a Senior Consultant at Wavestone?

The beauty of consulting and working at Wavestone is that no day is the same! However, every working day for me starts with a coffee and is followed by a morning catch up with my project team where we discuss our plan for the day, go through what we’re each currently working on and make sure we’re prepared for any client meetings. Usually this happens over a Teams call for half the week and then face-to-face for the remainder. More excitingly, recently we’ve been able to visit the client site now that things are opening up again.

But life at Wavestone is not all about client work and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in internal activities too. So, when I’m not busy with delivery work, I’m usually helping out with recruitment, editing our weekly internal newsletter or working on something for our Smart Networks focus area.

What are the most exciting aspects of your role?

Without a doubt, aside from the work that we do and its varied nature, it has to be the people. From the ability to work with a great set of motivated and ambitious individuals to the clients we get to collaborate with along the way – there is a great energy surrounding Wavestone.

What is your most memorable experience at Wavestone?

So many memories from my time at Wavestone stick out to me but one which was pretty unforgettable was the Wavestone Global Corporate event in the summer of 2019. This was a 2-day extravaganza held in Paris for all 3,000 or so Wavestone employees. On the first day, we could choose from a wide variety of interactive workshops hosted by fellow employees to attend – topics ranged from cybersecurity, to developing your consulting skills, to business development to diversity & inclusion.  Day 2 consisted of an elaborate live conference arranged by the Paris office, starring famous guest speakers and what seemed like a 100 piece orchestra followed by a sparkling night under the glass ceiling of the Grand Palais.

Very importantly, what is your favourite lunch spot near the office?

The most important question of all! With so much choice near the office, it very much depends on what I fancy on the day, but you can never go wrong with Birleys or Itsu.

How did you get into the technology consulting industry?

I chose a career in consultancy because I enjoy the varied nature of the role and I was particularly drawn to technology consulting because I like the idea that technology will always be a key priority for clients. It’s an industry which is constantly evolving, with technology advancements influencing everything we do. For example, in the past year most of us have seen technology transform how we work. Therefore, as a technology consultant, you’ll be working in line with emerging trends and always keeping your skills fresh as you assist companies with their technology-related dilemmas.

What would you do (career-wise) if you were not in this current job?

Another tough question – I think maybe something to do with property. I spend an unnecessary amount of time either scrolling through Rightmove, watching any house-related TV show, or browsing Architectural Digest so I probably would’ve channelled that into a career had I not chosen consultancy.

What advice would you give to prospective candidates who may be interested in joining Wavestone?

Go for it and immerse yourself in every opportunity. Also, to remember that as a grad you don’t need to know everything and it’s okay not to have all the answers. You just need to be willing to learn. If you have a question – don’t be afraid to ask it. No question is ever a bad question. What’s important, is the way that you approach something and always striving for and recognising your opportunities for growth.

How do you define success?

I think success is very subjective, so your definition may be different to mine. Success should only ever be how you choose to define it. For me, if you can look back at something knowing you made the best effort to become the best that you can become, whatever the scenario, that’s success!

Des lieux ouverts et lumineux - Wavestone
Des lieux ouverts et lumineux - Wavestone