Background and Objectives

Major companies are facing a growing diversity of new players on the market and an ever-more complex array of new technologies. Against this backdrop, companies are increasingly turning to Wavestone, as they seek to find the partners who can help them deliver their innovative ideas.

Trade shows that bring together innovative talent offer a real opportunity to deepen our market expertise, as well as share it with clients. Since 2016, VIVA Technology has been focusing on technological innovation—bringing together some of the world’s most disruptive startups.


In 2018, Wavestone chose to be a privileged partner at VIVA Technology, enabling it to play a more active role in disseminating innovative ideas.
The company’s aim is to share its analysis, opinions, and beliefs about the technologies and businesses of tomorrow.


  • In partnership with Vivatech, Wavestone hosted a series of press conferences, and conducted personalized tours of the show for the specialist press and clients
  • We held three press briefings, each covering a Wavestone study into a specialist area: Connected Vehicle, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things
  • The firm also conducted over 50 client visits and 7 tailor-made press tours, each comprising an itinerary of about 10 startups, which were selected for their relevance to the client’s needs and their innovative strengths