The challenge

Shell Energy was keen to enter the global retail market (B2C) for renewable energy and it was critical that any new offering in this competitive marketplace be world-class.

Shell did not, however, have in-depth knowledge of the market, customer expectations or relevant digital technologies and required a delivery partner who could provide best practice advice on digital, as well as support them in running the project and getting best value from partners.

To this end, they needed a partner to help them with their technology transformation by defining suitable customer experiences based on market knowledge, identifying suitable technology partners and achieving best possible pricing and innovation.

Additionally, the digital platform needed to be built at pace so that the new offering could be launched in time to win retail energy customers in the busy ‘energy switching season’.

The objective was to provide customers with a self-serve digital platform that could provide and manage their energy requirements, at home and on the go, with minimal recourse to call centres.

Our Approach

Shell Energy chose Wavestone as partner, as we were able to provide value from the outset by designing customer journeys – which the client did not yet have. Wavestone went on to shape the overall project using their combination of knowledge of the complete business / IT lifecycle, ranging from strategy to architecture and sourcing, ensuring successful delivery and driving the digital vendors.

This included deep knowledge of Software-as -a Service (SaaS) products through to the viable cost-to-serve thresholds to ensure the business could win market share. During design, no vendor could meet requirements, so we pushed Shell to challenge the software capabilities of the vendors, pushing the boundaries of what was possible.

The resulting hybrid Sales / CRM solution, coupled to a modern billing system, offered customers a world-class digital experience and drove innovation between the global companies – as this was the first time this combination of SaaS products had been implemented.

A pure agile delivery approach was taken to the transformation to ensure a balance between speed and customer satisfaction, without compromising Shell’s reputation for quality. This included an initial launch to < 200 employees to validate processes & technology, then increasing platform functionality in two weekly ‘sprints’.

At times the project was so challenging that Shell had C-Level talks around stopping the build. Wavsetone worked with the client and vendors to overcome this by effectively building the vision and momentum for the team using its own experience of delivery.


The successful delivery of the project is helping Shell transform into a carbon-neutral organisation. The technology transformation delivered by Wavestone has far-reaching consequences. Initially, the launch of the new retail energy business within the Netherlands, which is being rolled out globally and is expected to lead to $50-$100 million revenue and 2 million+ new retail energy customers. Further down the line, the project enables Shell to move towards their goal of being carbon-neutral by 2050 and has provided them with the technology transformation necessary to offer renewable energy to the retail market, globally.