A French pharmaceutical company took the decision to move to an organization structure for support functions based on regional Shared Service Centres. To do this, the group created a global organization called Sanofi Business Services to implement and manage the relevant operations in an optimal and uniform approach. As part of the organization, the company wants to develop and deploy – worldwide – new accounting and other processes and tools that can meet the level of performance required in a standardized manner.

The purpose of this project is to put in place an Account to Report (A2R) process, as a solution; with both a system that could handle key accounts closing activities and the related common processes and business rules to ensure harmonized processing in all regions.


Wavestone’s role was to:

  • Challenge and improve the existing Core Model for the A2R process;
  • Refine the implementation plan for rolling out the new Core Model;
  • Coordinate the actions taken by a centralized team (in terms of business, IT, administrative, and quality activities, etc.);
  • Roll out the solution, worldwide;
  • Ensure appropriate change management in each country.

Responses and key success factors

In January 2018, the first roll-outs were well advanced (still ongoing assignment)