A global investment manager asked for our support in setting up its new European Sales Support team

The Challenge

Our client asked us to help them enhance their near-shore operation, allowing them to transition additional sales activities from their c.10 European Retail sales locations.

We were asked to support on two fronts:

  • Design an enhanced Target Operating Model (TOM) for the team in Budapest
  • Develop a repeatable methodology and plan to transition sales support activities from ten European offices to the nearshore location

Our Approach

We worked with the leadership team to assess existing operating model issues and challenged, and to understand the vision for the location in the future.

This allowed us to quickly build a picture of the people, processes and technology necessary to enhance the nearshore TOM.

We quickly obtained UK leadership agreement to our proposals for the new TOM, including all 10 ‘country heads’ in Europe. We worked closely with the teams on the ground to develop a simple, repeatable approach to executing the transition of activities from home offices to the nearshore site. We also developed a plan and ‘playbook’ for their teams.

The Outcome

We helped our client crystallize their vision for the new operating model and helped to identify areas for strategic improvement, including enhancing governance, optimizing team structure and rationalizing technologies

We were able to deliver both the TOM and the Transition Approach within a very tight timeframe.

The transition of activities is now well underway and have been successful in achieving its goals. In addition, the new operating model for the nearshore tam is ‘bearing fruit’, with a better enabled and more focused team on the ground.

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