Our client’s mission is to be the best sports apparel company in the world.

To achieve that mission, they are creating a product-led / Agile organization to drive business growth and innovation for their tech investments globally.


To achieve business agility, the Hong Kong Supply Chain team had to transition from traditional project (waterfall) to product (Agile) ways of working.

This involved:

  • Implementing Agile metrics and the OKR framework
  • Defining and running pilot projects to demonstrate Product-led / Agile capabilities
  • Running hands-on learning and coaching sessions covering key Agile topics such as Jira, Confluence, Scrum, Kanban etc.
  • Helping the client teams understand their new Agile roles and responsibilities


Our consultant, acting as Scrum Master, rebooted the entire Scrum process to correct the team’s way of working. This included reforming cross-functional Scrum teams with clear roles and responsibilities as well as fostering transparency and collaboration among stakeholders, Product Owner (PO) and the development teams.

How they wrote and prioritized user stories, automation testing were also improved. This allowed them to deliver more value-driven features incrementally every three sprints.

Other things we accomplished:

  • Team of 15 people including development team and PO became agile practitioners
  • The team is able release a new feature to deliver business value continuously instead of at random
  • The product team is more adept at responding to changes in the business
  • Agile principles are followed, and people in the organisation now believe that agile works

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