This company was facing new and highly aggressive competition in their market.

Their ambition was to institutionalise Business Agility and Digital Innovation to stay relevant to fast changing market needs.

This initiative was led by the CEO himself with a mandate to implement these changes rapidly.


The key challenges for the organisation were:

  • hierarchical structure with lack of individual initiatives and innovation culture
  • people not trained on Agile and Innovation practices
  • training and coaching to dedicated Innovation squads without disturbing their current deliveries (a lot of multitasking)


The key outcomes for the organisation were:

  • Transfer of Design Thinking skills to 2 Innovation Squads, now able to internally coach newly created Squads
  • New ways of working and mindset adopted by employees (visual management, user-centricity, cross-department collaboration)
  • Large portfolio of innovative features
  • Shortened time to market and iterative deliveries

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