Like most international lottery game enterprises, our corporate client, who operates in North Africa, is confronted by the downturn in the lottery games market. Within this context, the firm called upon Wavestone to help define its five-year strategic plan.


Alongside its client, and with the support of its Research and Knowledge Center (RKC), Wavestone’s project team has taken up several major challenges, notably to:

  • Set up an international benchmark, including emerging countries such as Turkey and India, as well as developed countries like France, Spain, Italy and Canada;
  • Obtain an overview of the present market situation, giving :
    • A general and macro-economic outlook of the gambling market and medium-term trends via reliable and reputed sources;
    • A micro-economic outlook on the strategies implemented by market specialists.

Answers & key success factors

Collaboration between the project team and the Research and Knowledge Center, as of the marketing phase, provided the benchmark elements and targeted feedback notably with:

  • Market surveys giving insight into gambling-market operators, prospects, trends, segments and volumes;
  • Information on the companies in emerging and developed countries selected for the benchmark in order to understand their respective strategies;
  • Press articles providing the latest news and statements made by managers.