Optimising Pan-European Service Agreements

With sites spread across over 30 countries in Europe, a multinational pharmaceutical company was finding it increasingly challenging to centrally manage their European mobile, voice, and internet contracts. Their headquarter contracts were split from the rest of their European agreements which meant they were unable to leverage their full buying power in negotiating a competitive contract for each market.

How did Wavestone help?

The client engaged Wavestone to explore opportunities in consolidating these contracts into a pan-European agreement. After conducting extensive interviews and contract reviews, Wavestone assessed trends facing the European supplier marketplace and benchmarked the client’s service against their peers.

Wavestone defined the procurement strategy that sought to optimise the commercial and telecoms service benefits achieved. The recommended approach was supported by a business case with an opportunity analysis of the numerous consolidation scenarios facing the client as well as an execution roadmap that maximised the commercial feasibility.



Senior Infrastructure Architect

The report was very well received and the management has expressed satisfaction with both the structure and the details of the report. So job well done!

The relationship with our Client 

Recognizing the urgent need for a procurement strategy and a hard deadline, Wavestone deployed a team of 4 experienced procurement consultants. By ensuring that at least one member of the team had delivered an engagement for this client in the past, Wavestone were able to hit the ground running with their intimate knowledge of the client’s environment.

With the engagement tightly constrained by contractual commitments, Wavestone recognised that openness would play a key role in keeping the project on track. By utilising a transparent approach, Wavestone ensured the client stakeholders were able to provide honest input that shaped the strategy and aligned it to business objectives, while also allowing project risks to be quickly mitigated without causing delays.

The results

With a detailed view of the supplier marketplace, the client was able to make an informed decision in their procurement decisions which accounted for the upcoming technology shifts and service management models of the future.

The procurement strategy proposed by Wavestone included both tactical and strategic recommendations that would deliver quick-win savings in the short-term while ensuring an uplifted service in the long-term that was fully cost-optimised across the business.