Whether in times of crisis such as the one we are currently experiencing with Covid-19, but also in normal times, telecommuting is becoming more and more essential in our uses. We have outlined below some of the best practices to follow according to the specificities of your teams and projects, to help you to approach this new work situation serenely.


Working from home requires some organization to ensure a work environment in which you feel comfortable. Some useful tips to prepare for the best:

  • Dedicate a quiet place, which is well-lit and away from any distraction, in order to recreate a suitable workspace, and not be disturbed.
  • Prepare the essentials for your job before starting your day: Wi-Fi connection, functional equipment within reach (laptop, charger, headphones), etc.
  • Inform the people at home (family, roommates, etc.) about your telecommuting situation, which will allow you to work in peace and without any disturbances.
  • Prepare as if you were going to the office. This will allow you to be in a good state of mind to work, but also to be prepared at any time to answer a video call from your colleagues.

When telecommuting, many factors can disturb you and prevent you from completing your day’s activities. Some tips to avoid this situation:

  • Fix your working hours, such as starting time, lunch break, or regular breaks to structure your day effectively.
  • Anticipate your priorities and deadlines for the day, in an effort to stay on top of them and in the best conditions.

Working remotely with your team involves rethinking at least part of how you work, share and discuss with them:

  • Remain available in regular working hours.
  • Adapt the way you collaborate with your teams through the tools provided by your organization in order to continue your activities. Remote team meetings, co-editing and sharing of working documents, project monitoring and reporting… Everything is possible in a few clicks!
  • Focus on calls. Writing is effective, but nothing beats a call: Skype, Teams, Hangout…
  • Proactively provide visibility on the progress of work in progress:
    • Daily Activity Report
    • Organize a daily meeting lasting 15/30 mins each morning with the project team
    • Plan project follow-ups more regularly
    • Ensure your key contact is in the loop for important discussions
    • Regularly share interim versions of deliverables you are working on

HOW-TO: Organize effective work meetings

  • Enable video, use headphones for better audio quality and mute when not speaking
  • Assign a meeting facilitator
  • Announce the agenda at the beginning of the meeting
  • To collect opinions, avoid open-ended questions. Do not hesitate to ask participants in turn
  • Ensure that all participants spoke about what they wanted to during the meeting before it is ended
  • Adjust the duration of meetings/workshops (2 hours maximum)
  • Send documents needed for meetings in advance

Stay alert!
In this exceptional period, cyber-attack attempts are unfortunately multiplying. Always be alert to unusual e-mails, to content with links or attachments, especially those referring to COVID-19.


Your usual contacts are available to discuss and guide you if you encounter difficulties telecommuting in suitable conditions. Do not hesitate to contact them as soon as necessary to provide them with any information that you feel is important, and don’t allow situations that are uncomfortable, or could pose a problem for your project, to continue.


Taking a break is essential, in order to relax and rejuvenate. Some ways do this:

  • Regular breaks will allow you to clear your mind, get some exercise… and thus, gaining in concentration, clarity and energy.
  • Even at home we advise you to take your lunch break in conditions that allow you to take care of yourself and maintain your lifestyle.
  • At the end of the day, log out! Don’t hesitate to turn off your laptop, disconnect from your emails and devote yourself to activities that do you good.

Finally, please don’t hesitate to show mutual support among colleagues, for professional and/or personal matters.

Let us be mindful of our situation and that of others by maintaining regular contact with our loved ones and colleagues. The current situation is unprecedented, but we will be able to overcome it by staying united and caring for one another.

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