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The mobility of the future: an exhilarating ecosystem

When we think of “mobility”, and more specifically new mobilities, the first means that stand out are bicycles, scooters —both manual and electric— free-floating rental schemes, and micro-mobility in general.

Startups and mobility

How are startups shaping the future of road mobility?

Are there new startups that will revolutionize road passenger transport? To answer this, Wavestone studied 421 startups associated with on-road mobility.

The driverless car

The driverless car, a reality in the making

The autonomous car will certainly be one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century.

The digitalization of industrial roles

The digitalization of industrial roles: a new revolution?

While smartphones and tablets were initially used for “office” jobs, more and more roles are being equipped with tools to enable working on the move in industrial settings…