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womens forum global meeting 2018

Insights into the 2018 Women’s Forum Global Meeting

Wavestone was a partner of the 2018 Women’s Forum Global Meeting. Around the theme “Bridging humanity for inclusive progress”, more than 150 conferences took place to discuss social and economic issues.

Digital workplace: what if employees were to benefit from innovation too?

Have a look at eight trends to follow in order to rethink the digital workplace

New ways of working

New Ways of Working: a collective transformation to unite performance, innovation and commitment

Management practices and working environment: companies must now reinvent themselves. After Corporate Hacking, this is a second part inspired from our study New Ways of Working.

New Ways of Working reinvent company

New Ways of Working: Let’s reinvent the company

Companies can build their new operating models by activating a variety of drivers, such as management practices and the physical workplace, in a coherent manner.