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CISOs: Change your approach! Think attacker!

Faced with the challenge of streamlining operations against a backdrop of increasing threats, CISOs will need to change their approach… and one of the keys to doing so will be a shift to an attacker-centric strategy.

cyber innovation watch

Cyber Innovation Watch #1

Shushane & Wavestone decided to join efforts to release a France/Israel watch letter to track the cybersecurity innovations created by these two countries.

2019 french cybersecurity startups radar

French Cybersecurity Startups Radar 2019 Edition

Discover the 2019 Edition of our French Cybersecurity Startups Radar and our analysis of the market trends


Radar of cybersecurity start-ups in France 2018

On the occasion of VivaTech, we propose to zoom in on the specificities of the panorama of French innovation with our new radar of cybersecurity start-ups in France.

Cybersecurity start-ups in France: a booming ecosystem

Cybersecurity start-ups in France: a booming ecosystem

Cybersecurity is now the focus of everyone’s attention – the protection of personal data and defense against cyberattacks have become priorities for companies and governments.