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Why and how to modernize your 1-to-1 client relationship in the luxury sector?

In the luxury sector, cultivating customer loyalty is key. But as global shifts and technological advances redefine consumer expectations, sales advisors must evolve to meet the demands of an ever-changing clientele.

Cycle Vie IoT Vignette

Connected Device Life Cycle: How does it impact the viability of IoT projects?

Many companies today see the Internet of Things as a new way to transform their business, create service offerings, increase operational performance, or adapt to new regulations. This publication aims to provide the answers to enable successful IoT scaling.

2020…an Ambitious Year for IoT in the Rail Industry

The year 2020 is expected to mark a turning point with the scaling up of IoT across the sector. We have collected data from several projects and from these, below we present the most common use cases of IoT in the Public Transport Sector.

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Voice recording technology and the challenges facing the financial services market

The insight provides an overview of the external & internal factors that influence design of a modern Voice Recording technology solution with key recommendations.