Candidate startups have until March 31, 2024 to submit their applications.

Launched in 2016, Shake'Up is a unique, tailor-made startup accelerator initiated by Wavestone. The ambition of this program is to develop a vision of the startup ecosystem that creates value for its clients, the startups themselves and Wavestone employees. Today, Shake'Up brings together a community of nearly 55 startups, alongside 150 of the firm's employees, who are involved in their development. Buoyed by the success of recent calls for projects, which have welcomed Yuka, Tolv, Isahit, Olvid, Hackuity and Néolithe, Shake'Up is launching its 6th annual call for projects this year.

For this new edition, given Wavestone's technological DNA, the firm is focusing on the theme of artificial intelligence, in line with the importance it holds today in both business and society.

The most promising ideas will be offered tailor-made, personalized support.

Call for projects 2024: encouraging startups that have bet on Artificial Intelligence

Shake'Up's 2024 call for projects aims to honor Artificial Intelligence from three main angles: trusted AI, ethical and responsible AI, and finally AI at the service of a disruptive business model.

Wavestone targets start-ups with at least one solution or product already defined, and who wish to be supported in their development across the firm's expertise in 3 areas of business, technology and sustainable development. Start-ups will also benefit from business contacts with Wavestone clients. The winning companies will be supported by Shake'up for one year. They have the opportunity to be hosted in the firm's premises if necessary and will benefit from coaching to help their overall strategy (business model, value proposition, technological contribution, etc.). The winning Start-ups will also benefit from Wavestone's international network of offices.

Eva Rosilio, Head of Shake'Up shares, "The 2024 edition is dedicated to artificial intelligence, a disruption that was particularly discussed in 2023, and which is sure to remain at the center of preoccupations. AI is turning every sector upside down, and is raising profound questions about the evolution of our professions. And let's not forget that the start-up ecosystem moves very fast and is often a trend-setter. So it's only natural that we should dedicate the Call for Projects to this topic."

Applications opened on Thursday, February 22. Startups have several weeks to apply and provide key information to fully understand their business model and value proposition.

After an initial selection by the Shake'Up team, the companies that stand out in the first phase will be invited to pitch their projects on June 20, 2024, at Wavestone's office in La Défense. The jury will be made up of Wavestone experts, the firm's partners and journalists who follow the technology and start-up markets:

  • Chadi HANTOUCHE, Partner and AI expert at Wavestone
  • Marianne TORDEUX, Director of Public Affairs at France Digitale
  • Adrian DAN, CCO at DIANA
  • Mathias HOULLIER, Co-founder of WINTICS
  • Caroline CHOPINEAU, Director of HUB IA
  • Valentin BLANCHOT, Chief editor of Siècle Digital (French media dedicated to technologies)
  • Charlie PERREAU, Start-up Department Manager at Les Echos (French economical media)

The awards ceremony will be followed by a cocktail reception.

Chadi HANTOUCHE comments, "While it's true that companies have been using AI for years, until now it was a subject for experts. A year ago, the massive arrival of generative AI made the general public aware of the power of artificial intelligence. By extension, it even created a new momentum in the corporate world. And it's a dynamic that we want to support as best we can, including in close proximity to the start-up ecosystem.

The selection process involves 3 main stages:

  • Until March 31: submission of a dossier on the Forinov platform.
  • Until May 3: evaluation and pre-selection of five applications by Shake'Up members.
  • June 20: pitch of pre-selected start-ups and prize-giving ceremony at Wavestone's offices in La Défense.

About Shake'Up

Launched in 2016, Shake'Up is a unique and tailor-made startup accelerator, initiated by Wavestone. The ambition of this program is to develop a vision of the startup ecosystem that creates value for its clients, the startups themselves, and Wavestone's employees. Shake'Up today is made up of a community of nearly 55 startups, alongside 150 of the firm's employees, who are involved in their development . Through Shake'up, Wavestone's ambition is to contribute to the development of young startups, while leaving them entirely independent. Thanks to free accommodation in the firm's offices, expert contribution adapted to their needs, sharing of its international network, and a real commercial acceleration by putting them in touch with customers, the startups benefit from real development prospects. At the same time,
the firm aims to bring more value to its clients through improved knowledge of the startup ecosystem but also by creating real hubs of exchange between these two worlds (events, meetings, etc.).

About Wavestone

Wavestone, a leading independent consultancy headquartered in France, and Q_PERIOR, a consulting leader in the Germany-Switzerland-Austria region, joined forces in 2023 to become the most trusted partner for critical transformations. Drawing on more than 5,500 employees across Europe, North America and Asia, the firm combines seamlessly first-class sector expertise with a 360° transformation portfolio of high-value consulting services.

Wavestone is listed on Euronext Paris and recognized as a Great Place to Work®.

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