We supported a global pharma company to implement and establish robust process around a Voice of the Customer measurement platform

The Challenge

Our client was a multinational biotechnology company which was committed to improving the customer experience (CX) it delivers to patients and healthcare professionals.

The organisation had recently purchased a license for a state-of-the-art ‘voice of the customer’ (VoC) platform which it wanted to use around the globe to listen to customers’ feedback and act on it.

However, our client did not have experience of rolling-out such a system and effectively embedding it in the business as part of a wider CX measurement and management capability. They asked Wavestone to assist with this task.

We worked closely with the client team responsible for rolling out the VoC platform to develop a detailed implementation guide

The guide was designed to be used by the person responsible for the roll-out in each region, and it took them step-by-step through the process from start to finish. The stages covered included:

  1. Preparation: How to create the right team to deliver the roll out, develop a programme plan and agree it with senior stakeholders
  2. Collection: How to gather feedback from customers at key moments across their journey via surveys and the collate the results in reporting dashboards
  3. Analysis: How to combine survey results with data from other sources and analyse it to identify interactions that need to be improved
  4. Change: How to develop change recommendations, prioritise them through the appropriate governance forum, feed them into established change processes and measure and report the impact of the change

We helped our client to initiate the implementation in their French affiliate, working closely with the senior management team

The Outcome

At the end of the engagement, our client was clear on the approach they needed to take to successfully start measuring and managing the customer experience, and they were vastly more confident in their ability to make full use of the VoC system they had purchased

The guide ensured the implementation would be consistent across different regions, which enabled the leaders in each region to collaborate and learn lessons from one another