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Message for our clients, suppliers and partners:

Phishing and spoofing are common online frauds, which have increased in recent months with the increase in remote working. They consist of making contact with a victim by appearing as a legitimate message sent by a company in which the target of the scam trusts, with the aim of attracting him/her to a fraudulent website, placing an order or asking him/her for money.

No company is immune, the name of Wavestone and that of its associates can be spoofed using spurious addresses to deceive your trust. Our firm has taken steps to guard against and protect you from these scams.

Thanks to our strengthened internal procedures, each order placed by Wavestone requires the issuance of a specific purchase order. Wavestone will therefore never take an order from you by a simple exchange of email or telephone, however legitimate they may seem.

If you suspect that you have been the subject of one of these frauds, do not hesitate to contact your usual contact or leave us a message on the contact form.