Today’s increasingly rapid changes in customer expectations and demands require companies to transform their supply chains and the way they are managed. The quest for greater operational and economic efficiency, a high level of customer service, and a reduction in environmental impact all require genuine control of transport operations. To achieve this, the use of digital transport solutions is one of the main levers.

However, implementing a transportation digitalization tool can be a major challenge. Over and above the adoption of the solution itself and the change management required, there are often complex issues to deal with, such as data management, synchronization with existing processes and tools, and getting partners on board, without whom the success of such a project is impossible. These challenges are an integral part of the digital supply chain transformation landscape, and skilful management of these issues is crucial to the success of these transport initiatives.

Constructed in partnership with France Supply Chain’s Lab Digital & Technologies, this white paper has been designed as a guide, taking you through the complex landscape of transport digitalization. Among other things, you’ll find a radar of solutions to address these issues, as well as details of the prerequisites and gains expected from implementing these tools. Finally, the presentation was illustrated by two real-life case studies from leading manufacturers.