Insights into the 2019 Women's Forum Global Meeting

Wavestone was again partner of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2019 which took place at the Carrousel du Louvre from the 20th to the 22nd of November in Paris.

The topic of this edition was: “ACCELERATE IMPACT”. For three days, over 3,000 delegates from 95 countries and 800 organisations, including over 25% men, had the opportunity to learn and share ideas with 100 speakers in over 80 plenary, roundtable and worshop sessions.

The world is at a turning point. Forces like technology, climate change and migration have the potential to divide us. Yet, there is an opportunity to turn these forces around for good: developing technology that increases access to health and eradicates bias, rallying society around finding climate solutions and transitioning to a sustainable future, taking action that ensures economic empowerment for all. Inclusion is the nudge that tips the balance towards common goals. This was the vision of the 2019 Women’s Forum Global Meeting, which brought together leaders to “take the lead for inclusion” and “accelerate impact”.

Florence Noizet, Wavestone Partner, participated at the « CEO Champions session », while Salma Bennani, Director Wavestone Morocco spoke on the 22nd in the hub Women4STEM.

We need strong partnerships between companies and universities to have special moments in the year to present our company and our model, to get more women in our companies.

Salma Bennani, Director Wavestone Morocco 


Taking the lead for inclusion means removing barriers and creating access, making it possible for people across geography, class, generation, race, ability or any other division to participate fully in social and economic life. Inclusion is essential for a just future, where gains from growth are widely shared and where no one gets left behind. Inclusion is more than improving representation of women. It involves activating women’s leadership and empowering them in more prominent and substantive decision-making roles to inform strategies that adress the social and environmental challenges our world faces.

Accelerating impact speaks to the urgency of the issues that face us, and the potentiel for technology, climate change and more to either divide us or be a force for greater inclusion.

The speakers at this 2019 Women’s Forum Global meeting focused on clear call to action and concrete innovative solution accross five pillars, all with the common objective of having the highest impact on issues where women are disproportionately affected and where their leadership is most urgently needed: