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Discover the concept of resilience culture, how it can be developed, measured/assessed and improved to enhance your ability to respond to crises.

Shedding light on cyber challenges in 2023

CISO Radar: Top security priorities for 2023

The CISO Radar deciphers security global trends for 2023.

Operational Resilience 2022 – Trends and Challenges: Looking back to stay ahead

The ever-increasing focus on operational resilience allowed financial institutions to deep dive into their organisations’ frameworks, policies, and processes at all levels, and what started as a compliance-driven exercise to align with the expectations of UK regulators, is evolving to become at the heart of everything operational.

The Ultimate Guide to Embed Operational Resilience beyond March 2022

Download the ultimate guide to operational resilience, including a 10 Point Framework to embedding operational resilience

Embed Operational Resilience beyond 2022 with our 10 Point Assurance Framework

Discover Wavestone’s 10 Point Operational Resilience Assurance Framework

Operational Resilience Tooling Panorama 2021

Discover the 2021 edition of Wavestone’s Operational Resilience Tooling Panorama

New UK Regulation on Operational Resilience: What’s Next for Organisations?

Discover the 7 key notable changes of the FCA and PRA policy statements on Operational Resilience and what they mean for your organisation.

Decrypting DORA: what does it mean for Resilience of financial organisations?

With the release of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), the European Union is taking a strong stand to strengthen the financial sector’s resilience to ICT-related major incidents. What are the requirements and the key challenges to start addressing for the 5 pillars of DORA?

Navigating through the Resilience frameworks: How to identify the right frameworks to use

To help you navigate more easily, we have reviewed new regulations and operational frameworks focusing on resilience released in the last 2 years and organised them along the topics they address and the type of guidance they provide, all the way from strategic principles to operational requirements.

Operational Resilience after COVID-19

Across all industries, and across all countries, this crisis has highlighted the need for strong Operational Resilience embedded in the organisation. This article will take you through our key observations of the market during the crisis and the lessons we can take for Operational Resilience.

taking the lead for inclusion

Taking the lead for inclusion: accelerating impact

Inclusion is the nudge that tips the balance towards common goals. Discover the vision of the 2019 Women’s Forum Global Meeting in our publication.

Spin, spin and spin some more for Smart Works

Wavestone UK has recently completed the Spin500 challenge, raising almost over £4,000 for charity

City of London

Wavestone UK Quarterly Newsletter – Spring 2018

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