Today, many organizations find that their Robotics programs are failing to deliver.  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) focuses on creating a digital workforce to automate manual, repetitive tasks in your organization, integrating seamlessly into existing IT Infrastructure while increasing efficiency. 

Organizations are not reaping the benefits that they’ve been promised with RPA

Instead, their RPA implementation programs too often result in:

  • Low cost savings; inability to realize savings from an automated workforce
  • No increase in productivity; tasks are not being scaled beyond normal working hours
  • Additional maintenance workload due to continued oversight of automated processes
  • Low adoption rates of robotics software
  • Broken robots due to changes in underlying processes causing errors

Organizations are often prevented from realizing all benefits of RPA due to common pitfalls

Lack of Long-Term Planning and Roadmap

Automating the Wrong Processes

Over-Reliance on External Vendor/SI

Developing a roadmap helps to ensure a thoughtful, organized approach to harness the usefulness of RPA

Automating the wrong processes will lead to a lot of investment and very few benefits. A desirable process to select should be:

  • MATUREStable for an extended period without frequent updates
  • STANDARDIZEDWell-documented, with clearly defined staring and ending points
  • LOGICALAny decision points are based upon defined rules and not human discretion
  • REUSABLEUnderlying applications and systems will not be replaced
  • RELEVANTPotential to be reused for similar processes and systems in the future

Building an RPA Center of Excellence allows enterprises to keep expertise in-house and reduce reliance on external vendors.

External resources are often necessary to start an automation effort; however, many organizations fail to develop any in-house capabilities. Over reliance on external vendors often leads to high recurring vendor costs and prevents enterprises from full-potential achievement.

To reap the continued benefits of RPA, organizations should develop a Center of Excellence (CoE) that centralizes, builds, and leverages RPA knowledge and capabilities within the organization.