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Challenges in AI Adoption

This insight paper outlines the typical obstacles organisations encounter in their AI journey.

Panorama Risques Climatiques

2023 Overview of preventives measures on climate risks

Environmental and societal developments, characterized by the increase of climate-related claims coupled with stronger customer demand towards their insurers in terms of quality of service highlight the need for insurers to put prevention at the heart of their value proposition.


DORA : How the financial sector strengthens its capabilities in the face of crises?

The European regulation DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act), published in January 2023, comes into effect on January 17, 2025. Its aim is to enhance the digital operational resilience of actors in the financial sector.

How to deliver effective change

This insight paper explores the common challenges experienced across a range of roles, outlines strategies for solving and overcoming them, and provides real-life examples of how Wavestone has helped our clients deliver Change

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Banking Practices in the EU: Shaping the Future of Finance

Over the last few years, Europe has become a global leader in Sustainable Banking. The European financial industry, led by the European Union (EU), is at the forefront in integrating sustainability into its investments, operations and regulatory frameworks, with a growing emphasis on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Cib 2024

How to strengthen and harmonize the operational risk control framework management in the CIBs?

The recent operational risk management failings witnessed at Credit Suisse testify once more of the attention Corporate and Investment Banks (CIBs) need to give towards efficiently manage their risks and towards planning operational controls.

Transforming Your Contact Centre Strategy: Six Key Areas of Focus

The 4 key areas organisations need to consider if they are to enhance both customer experience and operations